Spring Cleaning!!! BUT not where you think!

Darci Forde, 4D Professional Services

By Darci Forde, 4D Professional Services

Happy Spring! It’s that time of year again! And I know you’re getting that urge to do some cleaning but you look around your home and get a bit overwhelmed by the clutter you have amassed over the winter months.

Well, let’s start somewhere different this year. This year… start with your car.

When you think of Spring cleaning, your car is probably not the first place that comes to mind, we’ll tackle those other areas another time. But for now, let’s think about it: after the long Fall and Winter months, the car windows have been rolled up, and you have been to every church fall festival, traveling sporting events, and have taken a couple of out-of-town road trips. The car seats are sticky, for sure, and you have wrappers from every fast-food restaurant under your car seats. Oh, and let’s not forget the snotty tissues!!!

Now is the time to declutter, clean, and prep your car for those Spring Adventures that are right around the corner.

Get started – Every good declutter and organization project begins by, you guessed it, emptying the space you are about to clean and declutter; so empty out the entire vehicle. That includes the trunk. (Did you think I was going to let you forget?)

Clean it up – Save yourself some energy and go to a car wash. Think of it as a quick 2-minute spa date, only you’re not getting a pedicure, your tires are. Remove all your mats. Give everything a good vacuum, and don’t forget under the car seats if you have them.

Wipe down all the surfaces with a product that smells nice but will also be protective of your car’s material. And finally, don’t forget to do your windows inside and out. You might be surprised just how brighter things are.

What you need – Another great way to get your car ready for spring is to think of what you need when you are on the go and then have that somewhere in your car :if you have small children maybe a change of clothes or snacks, and if you have pets, a leash.

Here’s a quick list of some items you might want to keep in your car not just for Spring, but really anytime:

• Moist wipes
• First aid kit
• Lotion and sunblock
• USB and other charging cables
• Little garbage bags (or Walmart bags, you know you got plenty)
• Sunglasses
• Jumper cables
• Umbrella

Organize it – Now let’s put everything in your car in a way that is organized and also leaves room for groceries and school bags. You might want to spend a couple of dollars and purchase and truck organizer, there are some cute but very functional once out there.

Now your car is decluttered, organized, and stocked with all of the things you need to be prepared for Spring in the car.
Till next time, try to keep it together!

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