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Bob Druckman, Publisher

During my first career as a retail executive, and having moved the family several times, one thing that was always important to me was to become active in my community. Everything from a lay-preacher to a member of our town’s finance committee, it was that involvement that led me to meet and get to know some wonderful people.

Living here in South Huntsville gave me the opportunity to do even more. Suzanne and I are especially blessed to be a part of this amazing community. We are looking forward to the growth that will happen in South Huntsville and are thrilled to be a part of it.

Suzanne Druckman, Director of Outreach

There are people who start out in their first career and then end up doing something entirely different. I have really stayed as an educator. I was a public school teacher and then became an early childhood specialist working with children and new teachers. My focus was to encourage all age groups to grow and learn.

Now as a publisher of South Huntsville Neighbors, I still feel my vision is to help inform my readership and promote and grow South Huntsville. It seemed natural to became involved with the communities that were part of my life thru the years. South Huntsville Neighbors is an extension of what I have always done.

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