Spring from the Inside: Growing Greater Well-Being

By Major General U.S. Army (RET) Paulette RisherPresident/CEO, Still Serving VeteransAs the vibrant, abundant, and live-affirming Spring emerges here in North Alabama, we turn to cleaning, planning, and planting. Life emerges and we shake off the damp grayness of winter – at least we try to. However, all too often we find ourselves going through … Continue reading Spring from the Inside: Growing Greater Well-Being

Back to Basics

By Lisa PhilippartLPC, BCPCC, BC-TMH Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May in the United States since May of 1949, and was started by the Mental Health America (MHA) organization. The purpose of Mental Health Awareness Month is to raise awareness and educate the public about mental illnesses, the realities of living with … Continue reading Back to Basics

Wellstone Emergency Center

By Karen PetersenDirector Of Development Imagine you’re sick, and your symptoms flare. But people around you aren’t familiar with your condition and have no idea how to respond. They’re terrified and call police, who take you to jail or the Emergency Department. Neither is equipped to handle your type of illness. Eventually your symptoms subside, … Continue reading Wellstone Emergency Center

Helping With Pandemic Depression

By Makalya MelvinSenior Placement ServicesDid you know that mental health awareness month was originally established in 1949? After World War Two, the mental health organization started mental health awareness month in order to promote education and provide support to those in need. Now in May of 2022, being informed and considerate of those handling the … Continue reading Helping With Pandemic Depression

Hearing Health

By Anita Giles, MS, CCC-A AudiologistPhysicians Hearing Center Life is enriched by interaction with and reaction to many sounds, sights, tastes, smells, and touch. Of these inputs, hearing impacts our relationships and interactions more than any other. Helen Keller stated, “Hearing is the soul of knowledge and information of a high order. To be cut … Continue reading Hearing Health

Introducing Dr. Shankar Yalamanchili- Medical Director Unity Psychiatric Care

By Kelli AxleyDirector of Business DevelopmentUnity Psychiatric Care Unity Psychiatric Care, a division of American Health Partners of Franklin, Tennessee, announced that Dr. Shankar Yalamanchili, MD (Dr. Chili) has joined its Huntsville, Alabama, psychiatric hospital as medical director. Dr. Chili, a board-certified psychiatrist with over 20-year experience, will oversee the hospital’s psychiatry staff, which treats … Continue reading Introducing Dr. Shankar Yalamanchili- Medical Director Unity Psychiatric Care

Boost Your Self-Esteem

By Lisa Philippart LPC, BCPCC, BC-TMH Welcome to February…International Boost Your Self-Esteem Month. Let’s look at seven specific things you can do to start cultivating high self-esteem. Spend more time with the right people. The type of people we are surrounded by day in and day out, profoundly affects us. It’s not hard to see … Continue reading Boost Your Self-Esteem

Tips on Creating a Clear Care Plan for Your Loved One

By Gleria and Tommy AndersonHome Care Assistance The most important thing in planning? Do so in advance. We’re very good at saving for college, planning for mortgage and tax payments, investing in an IRA, but when it comes to planning for the care of an aging loved one, too often we don’t have a plan … Continue reading Tips on Creating a Clear Care Plan for Your Loved One

Give an Hour

By Lisa Philippart, LPC BCPCC, BC-TMH I am so pleased and proud to be a part of and serve with the Give an Hour organization.  For the past 4 years I have been available to provide an hour of free mental health counseling per week to a veteran, retiree, or military family member. Give an … Continue reading Give an Hour

Veterans Need Mental Health Care, Too

By Unity Psychiatric Center When describing veterans, words like strong, brave and selfless come to mind. These words are apt, but only tell part of the story. Veterans can face the same life struggles as non-veterans, as well as unique challenges that go hand-in-hand with military service. Deployments and being in war zones are known … Continue reading Veterans Need Mental Health Care, Too