Is Your Pool Going Off The Deep End?

By Ron Hicks, General Manager Pool Scouts Of Huntsville  We are deep into the summer, and your family has been enjoying their pool for a few months. Your family has enjoyed a cookout followed by a nice afternoon swim. The water is perfect at 82 degrees, and you have just completed a few belly flops. … Continue reading Is Your Pool Going Off The Deep End?

Fall Is Here For Our Lawns

By Patrick Rentz and Ken HealySpring Green Lawn CareFall is right around the corner. That means it’s time to play football, pick out pumpkins and prep our lawns for the cold winter months ahead. Fall fertilizing can set your lawn up for success year-round, but timing does matter. Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Fall … Continue reading Fall Is Here For Our Lawns

“We Can Stop a Leak in a Creek”

By Hannah SmithMarketing DirectorLewis and Son Roofing and Construction "We Can Stop a Leak in a Creek," a phrase many of us old Huntsvillians find familiar. But what does this mean to our newcomers? This is the tag line for one of Huntsville's oldest roofing and construction companies, Lewis and Son Roofing and Construction. Lewis and … Continue reading “We Can Stop a Leak in a Creek”

Why Should I Have My Dryer Vent Inspected?

By Trent IleyDryer Vent Squad All it takes is one week on the road without a washer and dryer and you’re thanking the heavens you’ve got these modern appliances in your home. They certainly make life easier – especially if you’ve got a big family. But did you know that your clothes dryer could actually be a … Continue reading Why Should I Have My Dryer Vent Inspected?

A Code of Values

By Brent Bailey, OwnerDreamMaker Bath and Kitchen Our Office Manager and I were going over the myriad of home remodeling topics to cover. During a recent interview with a potential new employee, she came up with a great idea. Share our DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Code of Values™ We share with any new employee, rehearse … Continue reading A Code of Values

What’s The Big Deal with Wallpaper?

By Carolyn KimbroPeachtree Interior Design What’s the deal with Wallpaper? Wallpaper was beginning to be phased out, but it is making a big resurgence in the world of interior design. Open any national magazine highlighting interiors these days and you will see a beautiful space utilizing wallcoverings. Many interior designers are pulling wallpaper into their … Continue reading What’s The Big Deal with Wallpaper?

Earth Contact Products-The Very Best Solution for Your Foundation Problems

By Lee AllenAllied Foundation and Crawlspace SolutionsThe Causes of your Home’s Foundation SettlementEvaporation - Hot and dry conditions may cause soil to pull away from the foundation. Settlement due to this foundation moisture imbalance could cause cracks to appear throughout the structure.Transpiration - Tree roots could dehydrate the soil beneath the home causing soil shrinkage.Plumbing … Continue reading Earth Contact Products-The Very Best Solution for Your Foundation Problems

Who is Special Touch Restoration?

By Jamison CharlesOperations Manager Special Touch RestorationSpecial Touch Restoration is a locally owned company that specializes in disaster mitigation.  What is disaster mitigation?  Fire damage, smoke damage, water damage, sewage backup, mold damage, content cleaning, crawlspace dry outs and cleanup, and the worst of all disasters – postmortem cleanup.  Nathan Evans, the owner of Special … Continue reading Who is Special Touch Restoration?

The American Dumpster Company Story…

By Jamison CharlesOperations ManagerAmerican Dumpster CompanyAmerican Dumpster Company was born in the year that that shook the foundation of our world; the pandemic of 2020 hit the world and as a result, the service industry too. The owner of Special Touch Restoration, Nathan Evans, was frustrated because he could not get any dumpster companies to … Continue reading The American Dumpster Company Story…

Breathe Life into your Outdoor Living Space

By Carolyn Kimbro Owner/Principal Interior Designer Peachtree Interior Design Summer has officially arrived and you may be gearing up for pool parties, BBQs, and spending as much time as possible enjoying the warm weather. Now is the prefect time to give your outdoor living space a facelift before hosting your family and friends for the summer … Continue reading Breathe Life into your Outdoor Living Space