Hearing Health—Treating Hearing Loss

By Anita Giles MS, CCC-A AudiologistPhysicians Hearing Center Life is about relationships—those that we have now and those that we have had. The loss of relationship and the ability to share life with someone you love can occur by distance or death, but it also occurs when someone can’t hear well enough to communicate or … Continue reading Hearing Health—Treating Hearing Loss

New Senior Community Center Coming to John Hunt Park 

By Mayor Tommy Battle  Over the last decade, the City of Huntsville has committed millions of dollars to improve existing parks, build new ones, create world-class facilities, and stay on the cutting edge of recreation opportunities. To ensure we provide something for all ages, our older population will soon have more options in John Hunt Park … Continue reading New Senior Community Center Coming to John Hunt Park 

Healthy Aging and Alzheimer’s

By Unity Psychiatric Care Huntsville Editor’s note: September is both Healthy Aging Month and World Alzheimer’s Month. Although treatment is readily available and necessary, Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are not a typical part of aging. In fact, studies have shown by improving our health through lowering blood pressure, exercising, and not smoking we … Continue reading Healthy Aging and Alzheimer’s

Why You Need a Will and a Basic Plan for Your Assets

By Rebecca WintersAttorney at LawRebecca Winters LawAccording to a recent survey conducted by Caring.com, over two-thirds of American adults do not have a will, or a basic plan for their assets in the event of their passing. Many Americans believe that estate planning, even in its most basic form, is for extremely wealthy, older individuals. … Continue reading Why You Need a Will and a Basic Plan for Your Assets

Senior Placement Services –What Do We Do

By Makalya MelvinSenior Placement ServicesAt Senior Placement Services, our focus is finding the perfect retirement community for you or your loved one. We begin the process by consulting with you and identifying the best communities for your budget and care needs. We then arrange tours of the communities selected, accompany you on these tours, and … Continue reading Senior Placement Services –What Do We Do

National Minority Health Month- Wrestling With The Stigma Of Mental Health

By Kelli Axley, Unity Psychiatric Care HuntsvilleAuthor’s Note: Each July, National Minority Mental Health month is observed to bring awareness to the unique struggles that racial and ethnic minorities face regarding mental health. Unity Psychiatric Care, here in Huntsville, is a 20-bed hospital offering comprehensive inpatient care for adults who are experiencing serious mental health … Continue reading National Minority Health Month- Wrestling With The Stigma Of Mental Health

List of Upcoming Events: 2022 Armed Forces Celebration

Every year, the Huntsville/Madison County community plans a number of events for our Armed Forces Celebration. We encourage you to mark these dates on your calendar. Monday, June 27 at 8:00 a.m. - Proclamation Signing Ceremony at Huntsville/Madison County Veterans Memorial (200 Monroe Street NW, Huntsville, AL 35801)Leaders from Huntsville, Madison, Madison County, and Redstone … Continue reading List of Upcoming Events: 2022 Armed Forces Celebration

Huntsville’s Office of Community Development How You Can Help

By Frances AkridgeCity Council Representative District 2 I call our city’s Office of Community Development the office of Tough Love and Compassion: TL&C. The officers of Community Development are infamous for enforcing the city code for minimum building standards. These are some the violations to city code for minimum standards: peeling paint, rotting trim, junk … Continue reading Huntsville’s Office of Community Development How You Can Help

Hearing Health

By Anita Giles, MS, CCC-AAudiologist, Physicians Hearing CenterTake a moment and think about the smell of coffee, the taste of ice cream, hugging someone, seeing that grandchild reach for you and hearing the words “I love you”. This process happens when the sensations of–smell, taste, touch, vision, and hearing—are gathered and communicated to our brain, … Continue reading Hearing Health

Home Care Assistance

By Tommy and Gleria Anderson, Co-OwnersHome Care Assistance of Huntsville Home Care Assistance has been around for 18 years. There are about 160 Home Care Assistance locations worldwide. Tommy and Gleria Anderson are co-owners of Home Care Assistance of Huntsville, whereas their office is in Hampton Cove, they have been servicing the Huntsville/Madison County community … Continue reading Home Care Assistance