Meet Krystina Berens Aesthetics Coordinator Women 4 Women OBGYN

By Tom Reidy, PhD. Women 4 Women OBGYN Krystina Berens is the Aesthetics Coordinator for Women4Women OBGYN.  After graduating from the University of Alabama in 2020, she joined the practice and has helped build one of the most dynamic wellness and aesthetics clinics in northern Alabama. Krystina is a Huntsville High School graduate with deep … Continue reading Meet Krystina Berens Aesthetics Coordinator Women 4 Women OBGYN

Why we do what we do…

By Beau Armistead Reboot WellnessI walked out of my office recently, following a counseling session, and a lady stopped me in the waiting room. I love connecting with our clients, and she wanted to share her experience with IASIS micro current neurofeedback.  She immediately became emotional and proceeded to tell me how her life had … Continue reading Why we do what we do…

Assisted Living Locators

By Kim KrauseOwnerAssisted Living Locators My name is Kim Krause with Assisted Living Locators in Huntsville. Assisted Living Locators has been in business for nearly two decades and has offices nationwide. We can assist or accommodate a move to anywhere in the United States and Canada. Assisted Living Locators find seniors and their family’s options … Continue reading Assisted Living Locators

Why Trampoline Gymnastics?

By Cara and Nuno MerinoOwners, Merino Trampoline Gymnastics When most people think of gymnastics, they think of Suni Lee winning all around at the 2021 Olympic Games or Simon Biles’ amazing vault routines; however, most people are unaware that Trampoline Gymnastics is an Olympic Sport! Many assume gymnastics is for the young since they are used … Continue reading Why Trampoline Gymnastics?

Reboot Wellness Open House

Keys to Visual Comfort in a Digital World

By Dr. Rica McRoy, and Dr. Alana CokerR City Eye Care Do you remember hearing or even giving the warning, “Don’t sit too close to the TV! You will ruin your eyes?” A story published in Life’s Little Mysteries traces the origin of this concern back to the 1950’s when some television sets emitted radiation … Continue reading Keys to Visual Comfort in a Digital World

HarborChase of Huntsville to Celebrate its Reopening with New Dining Venues

By Sheree Jordan, Harbor Chase Huntsville HarborChase of Huntsville, a local assisted living and memory care community, is announcing plans to reopen its doors with some exciting new additions for residents and guests. Later this summer, HarborChase will be rolling out a variety of brand-new dining venues for residents and their loved ones to explore … Continue reading HarborChase of Huntsville to Celebrate its Reopening with New Dining Venues

Home Care Assistance of Huntsville

By Tommy and Gleria Anderson, Owners Tommy and Gleria Anderson are owners of Home Care Assistance of Huntsville Franchise and have been providing service to the senior community since 2017; with a team of trained caregivers who are dedicated to prolonging the quality of life of the elderly. Tommy and Gleria both served in the … Continue reading Home Care Assistance of Huntsville

Visit Reboot Wellness for an OPEN HOUSE!

Learn more about how IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback can help you by visiting our open house! Reboot Wellness Open HouseAugust 20th 3 pm - 7 pmCome and Go Are you dealing with the stress of life from the chaotic environment around you?  Dealing with anxiety or depression or other issues and would like a medicine free alternative … Continue reading Visit Reboot Wellness for an OPEN HOUSE!

Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer

By Dawn Tucker, DVMAnimal Emergency and Critical Care Summer is here! This means a dramatic increase in the risk of heat related illness in dogs. With an increase in temperature and humidity, a constant eye is needed, because the onset of heat stress is quick with little to no warning. It is important to know … Continue reading Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer