How to Successfully Age-In-Place

By Kelley Pacillo OTR/L ECHM and
Kelly Eichelberger OTR/L Owners /Therapists
Magnolia Neuro Rehab

“Aging-In-Place” has become a keyword for safely staying in one’s own home as we get older. According to a survey published by AARP, 76% of adults aged 50 and older want to remain in their current homes as they age.

This can be done successfully with the appropriate planning. A primary goal is to ensure your home is equipped to allow for potential changes in mobility, vision or even cognition.

When is the best time to begin preparing your home to Age-in-Place?

Now! If you’re thinking about it, now is the best time to begin. Planning early allows a homeowner more flexibility in design choices, can reduce cost and provides significant peace of mind that one is ready for any transitions that may occur.
What are some success factors for Aging-in-Place?


⦁ Your home has universal design features and optimizes safety and accessibility
⦁ You have a strong connection to your home and neighborhood
⦁ Your home is nearby resources such as the grocery store, hospital and personal physicians


⦁ You are “plugged in” to a great community, and/or have a good support system nearby such as children or friends who can assist as needed, and who you can continue to engage with conveniently
⦁ You have resources to hire caregivers or aids as needed. Long term health insurance can be an excellent way to fund the increasing cost of private duty care.
⦁ You are in relatively good health. This means that you don’t have medical conditions that require daily or weekly support from outside the home. Multiple studies have shown that a large indicator of successful aging was walking. Joining or creating a neighborhood walking group may check a few boxes on this list!

How do I get started?

A great place to start is getting your home prepared. Magnolia Neuro Rehab offers expert consulting services to ensure your home is set up to perform tasks easier to support independent living. This can range from adding grab bars and ramps to a complete kitchen or bedroom remodel. Magnolia Neuro Rehab offers free consultations to determine what your goals are and partner with you to meet them. Our services focus on creating a safe and livable environment, while maintaining a pleasing aesthetic. We know no one wants to feel as if they are living in a facility. Not ready for any renovations but concerned about safety? Magnolia Neuro Rehab also offers Home Safety Assessments to provide simple and practical solutions to reduce fall risk in the home.

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