Meet Tony Walker- Sales Consultant Mercedes-Benz of Huntsville

What makes you proud to sell Mercedes Benz?

These vehicles are the apex of luxury. Every vehicle that leaves the factory is looked over in the minutest detail. When purchasing a Mercedes-Benz, the customer always gets what they pay for.

What is you favorite Mercedes Benz?

Definitely the GLE 53 SUV. It has coupe styling and the look is not like an SUV at all. It has a sporty look and most of the safety features are standard. It has almost everything that anyone would want.

What is your approach with clients?

When I work with a client the most important thing is that I get to know them, understand their needs and get to know them on a personal level. I love to stay in contact with them. I don’t take this lightly as I want the client to be comfortable with me and also the process. From the time I bring the vehicle around to them, to the explanation of every feature in the vehicle, to the test drive, to answering any questions they have, I always want the client to feel confident with me and the purchase.

What would you like the readers to know about you?

I want all of the readers to know that our personal relationship begins when they walk thru the doors of the dealership and it doesn’t end after the purchase. I always stay in as close contact with every client as much as possible.

Tony Walker
Sales Consultant
Mercedes-Benz of Huntsville

Tony is a native of Arab and has recently moved to Madison. He came to Mercedes Benz of Huntsville from a successful sales career at Toyota. “Max, who is a sales manager here, worked with me at the Toyota dealership, reached out about this opportunity and I was fortunate enough to get the position.”

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