Hearing Health

By Anita Giles, MS, CCC-AAudiologist, Physicians Hearing CenterTake a moment and think about the smell of coffee, the taste of ice cream, hugging someone, seeing that grandchild reach for you and hearing the words “I love you”. This process happens when the sensations of–smell, taste, touch, vision, and hearing—are gathered and communicated to our brain, … Continue reading Hearing Health

Spring from the Inside: Growing Greater Well-Being

By Major General U.S. Army (RET) Paulette RisherPresident/CEO, Still Serving VeteransAs the vibrant, abundant, and live-affirming Spring emerges here in North Alabama, we turn to cleaning, planning, and planting. Life emerges and we shake off the damp grayness of winter – at least we try to. However, all too often we find ourselves going through … Continue reading Spring from the Inside: Growing Greater Well-Being

Considerations for Evaluating Stem Cell and Cellular Therapy Options for Chronic Joint Pain

4601 Whitesburg Dr.Suite 103, Huntsville, AL By Charles I. Lee, M.D. andRegenesis Stem Cell Center Today, people are living longer and seeking more life out of their added longevity.  Structures that play a key role in overall health and quality life as we age are joints of the extremities, hips, shoulders, the back, and neck.  … Continue reading Considerations for Evaluating Stem Cell and Cellular Therapy Options for Chronic Joint Pain

Cold Weather Exercise Tips

By Dawn Tucker, DVM, Animal Emergency and Critical Care We’ve already been experiencing some colder temperatures. Many nights have been below freezing. This poses a special dilemma to keeping our furry friends healthy and fit during the winter months. Exercise is a very important component for our pets physical and psychological health. If you’re like … Continue reading Cold Weather Exercise Tips

Do You Think Like a Systems Engineer?

Systems Engineering is Everywhere By Susan S. Askew, PE, CSEP and Rebecca Falcon, PMP, CISM, Black Swans Rising, LLC As my family began our annual Holiday Gingerbread Project, we realized just how much engineering went into this tradition. As I thought about other holiday endeavors, I couldn’t help but notice all the elements of systems … Continue reading Do You Think Like a Systems Engineer?

Financial Tips For New Veterans

By Dale Kuehl, Financial Advisor On Veterans Day, we honor the men and women who have served in our armed forces. If you’ve recently separated or retired from the military, or you will be leaving soon, you can be proud of the service you’ve provided to your country. But once you’re a veteran, away from … Continue reading Financial Tips For New Veterans

The 100th Anniversary of the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

By Phil RiddickMadison County CommissionerDistrict 5 From time to time there are important historical milestones that come and go, and often, we miss them completely.  For instance, this year is the 100th Anniversary of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  There are many monuments and memorials erected to our identified fallen soldiers, but in the … Continue reading The 100th Anniversary of the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier

Thoughts On Veterans Day From A Non-Veteran

"To me, Veterans Day is about freedom, reflection, and honoring those that make the sacrifice required to allow for my freedom."-- Chris Key, Huntsville Utilities Accounts Supervisor By COL (RET) John OlshefskiSenior VP of Customer CareHuntsville UtilitiesRecently, a friend and publisher of this awesome magazine – Bob Druckman, asked if I would share my thoughts … Continue reading Thoughts On Veterans Day From A Non-Veteran

Regenesis Stem Cell Center

By Dr. Charles LeeRegenesis Stem Cell Center Regenesis Stem Cell Center cares for our veterans the other 364 days a year. Dr Lee and Dr. Wardynski salute our veterans. I am Dr. Charles Lee, and I opened Regenesis in 2014 after seven years of education and training to bring the most advanced stem cell and … Continue reading Regenesis Stem Cell Center

Give an Hour

By Lisa Philippart, LPC BCPCC, BC-TMH I am so pleased and proud to be a part of and serve with the Give an Hour organization.  For the past 4 years I have been available to provide an hour of free mental health counseling per week to a veteran, retiree, or military family member. Give an … Continue reading Give an Hour