Relieving Symptoms of PTSD Through EPT™

By Kim Dillon
Certified EPT Emotional Healthcare Practitioner
Forgiveness Therapy, Relief Through EPT, LLC

These symptoms of PTSD are well known: flashbacks, anxiety, depression, sensitivities to fireworks and other loud noises. Then there are triggers of trauma that manifest as nightmares, agitation, irritability, hostility, hypervigilance, self-destructive behavior, and social isolation. What is not well known is that EPT™ can help neutralize these triggers, thus diminishing many of the above symptoms.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­To begin: I want to say, “Thank you, Veterans, for your service and thank you to your families.”

Many veterans have experienced flashbacks from things that happened while they were serving, but Emotional Polarity Technique can help, in a non-stressful way, to relieve it. Emotional Polarity Technique, or EPT™, lessens the impact of the trigger concerning a specific event. Those that told veterans that they ‘would just have to live with PTSD’, did not know about EPT™.

How we approach an EPT™ session is a four-part process:

  1. Focus
  2. Find It
  3. Fix It
  4. Forgive It/Release it/Let It Go

The first step is Focus: the client tells me about what is bothering them. EPT™ is especially beautiful right here, because the client briefly tells me what the trauma was, and I write it down in bite-sized mind pictures. Then, each picture becomes the focus of one session. This is beautiful because it is not overwhelming and minimizes triggering the client.

‘Find It’ is the next step: I find where in the body the root memory of the trauma is being held. Then, the client and I ‘fix it’ through correcting the body’s reaction to the hidden memory. Then, follow that up with affirmation statements that allow the client to release it and let it go.

When it is hard to release or even work on an emotional trauma, the Eye Roll Technique can be used in conjunction with EPT™.  This helps reformat the brain, allowing the brain to release the trauma of the mind picture. This is also used in EMDR.           

To sum up: EPT™ is a viable method to help alleviate the symptoms of PTSD without having to extensively rehash the traumatic events. I am passionate about assisting any with these symptoms because I believe our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

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