Following his calling: Meet Ty Oswald

Ty Oswald is an Army veteran, dad, husband and has PTSD. He is a Huntsville native (Buckhorn High School) and the military was always his calling. “Both of my parents served and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. He served for 6 years as an OH 58 Avionics and Weapons Systems Specialist. He deployed to Iraq in 2003 and spent 15 months there.

When he left the Army in 2006 and came home he felt disconnected. As he puts it, “Many of the veterans I came across were Vietnam era veterans and their experiences were totally different than mine. I couldn’t relate to them.” The other issue was that people wanted to know more about his experiences than he was willing to share.

Photo by Mandi Cook Photography

He had to explain to people that some questions were not appropriate and he sank deeper into his shell. From 2006-2009 admittedly he made some “not good decisions” “I was drinking too much and always looking for drinking buddies with whom I could relate.”

The breakthrough for Ty came when an Army buddy asked what was up; while Ty told him all was good, he knew deep down he had to get himself together. Eventually he founded BeArded WARRIORs. BeArded WARRIORs was founded on the principles that they are a Veterans suicide prevention and resource awareness group. They are a group of military and non-military volunteers that provide veterans and their families with opportunities to experience the fun and the camaraderie of after-service community involvement. One of the most important things that Ty said was “When you are in the military you are part of a team and life is completely structured. Not having that structure was a difficult transition for me; BeArded WARRIORs gives me and others that structure and being part of a team.”

One of the most important things that they do is to provide veterans help with issues at the VA or the government level. Ty instructs veterans on how to navigate their way thru the mountain of paperwork and instructions that they get from the VA. The group also dove headfirst into suicide prevention. “We want to be proactive rather than reactive.” said Ty.

Photo by Mandi Cook Photography

At this point Ty wants to be able to get newly processed veterans refocused into civilian life. “I would like the veterans to look for their “IT” From there help someone else look around and finds their “IT” and so on: just to make the world that much better.”

Underlying all this was Ty’s own struggles with PTSD. As he said, “I tried everything, acupuncture, craft therapy, yoga, adult coloring books, talk therapy, couples counseling, singles counseling, working out and medication. The physical and mental effects of medication were awful.” Nothing worked long term everything was a short term fix. Then Reboot Wellness came along.

How Reboot Wellness Helped Ty Oswald and his PTSD.

As you read Ty’s PTSD was affecting everything that he did. Enter Reboot Wellness led by Beau Armistead MA, LPC, NCC, ICP Clinical Director and Landon Jones MSW, ICP. They specialize in Micro Current Neurofeedback.

How did you find Reboot Wellness?

One of my staff, who knew I was struggling with my PTSD, heard that Reboot Wellness was doing a 10 session giveaway for Veterans Day. I was nominated and as luck would have it I was chosen. The timing was good. After 8 years at the BeArded WARRIORs I had a staff that I could rely on and it was time to refocus on myself. After trying everything I had no expectations from any of this. What I also found out is that Reboot Wellness offers a discount to all combat veterans.

How has Reboot Wellness helped you?

My sleep patterns have been the biggest change. I stay asleep longer, I am not restless, I don’t get jolted out of sleep, not sleeping violently as much (flashback dreams are fewer and not as intense). My wife sleeps better and doesn’t have to wake me.

It’s also helped with my anger issues. Before Reboot Wellness my initial reaction to issues was to “blow up” Now I find myself slower to respond in a good way. It’s helped dramatically with the relationships between my wife and I and my family. I just react differently.

I had a couple of concussions while serving in the Army that caused both headaches and tinnitus. Micro Current Neurofeedback has helped with this also.

These are huge changes for me and it has lead me to a better quality of life.

Is the process painful?

It’s totally non-invasive and not painful whatsoever. We sit down and I give a quick recap of last week and discuss changes is any. Then the determination is made as to where to put the leads and the programming goes thru the process. It’s just three 2 ½ minute session each time. The whole appointment takes 15-20 minutes total.

What would you tell others who read this and recognize themselves?

You are not alone. If you see yourself within my story please reach out to Reboot Wellness. If you are interested in working with BeArded WARRIORs contact me:

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