Did You Know?

By Bev Capps, District Executive Director, Heart of the Valley YMCA

The YMCA has worked with Ditto Landing and Operation Green Team for a number of years as part of a YMCA Togetherhood program. The purpose of the Togetherhood Project is to invite YMCA members to activate their social responsibility by participating in the Y’s cause to strengthen our community. Y members lead community projects through their local branches and invite all to participate. It is designed to be a simple, fun and rewarding way to support neighbors through their own ideas, skills, energy and the network of the Y.

The Togetherhood Project at Ditto Landing resulted in 119 volunteers participating in clean up. Volunteers accomplished: 8 graffiti removal/cover-ups; collected approximately 250 trash bags full at 15-20 pounds each; filled up an entire roll off dumpster full of debris, estimated weight 1500 pounds; cut down invasive species to clear the edges of pathway; volunteers cut at minimum of 40 piles of invasive vegetation.

Kathy Parikh, Board Chair of the Southeast YMCA leads this project with the help of Y staff, Ditto Landing staff, Dr. Jennie Robinson, Operation Green Team and many volunteers from the Y and the community.

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