Regenesis Hair Regrowth, High Tech, No Pain

By Dr. Charles Lee
Regenesis Stem Cell Center

Over the past year, I have outlined how we employ advanced medical orthobiologic therapies to help our patients regain their joint health and function without invasive procedures and with only days rather than weeks and months of downtime. In other words, I have explained a bit about how we help our patients to feel better and put more life into their years.

This month, I would like to touch on how we help our patients regain a more youthful appearance so that they not only feel better but also look better. In this area of aesthetics, we again employ advanced medical technologies and biologics to turn back the years. This month, I want to specifically focus on how we restore hair growth that has been lost due to the impact of non-scaring alopecia and androgenetic alopecia (male and female pattern baldness).

Heretofore, treatment for hair loss has been costly and time-consuming in the case of hair transplantation. To avoid this expense in time and money, many individuals seeking to reverse the effects of hair loss have turned to therapies involving the injection of Platelet Rich Plasma or Stem Cells into the scalp. Unfortunately, since it is very difficult to effectively numb the scalp, such injections can be very painful. Since patients typically require injections into the scalp every four to six weeks over the course of six months to a year, pain becomes a significant factor in patient attrition and outcomes.

At Regenesis, our approach to hair restoration is high-tech and painless. First, our lab is specially equipped, and our staff has years of experience in processing patients’ blood to the high concentration of platelets needed to foster healing and tissue regrowth. Typically, we see 5 to 8 times the concentration of platelets in the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) we process from patient blood. In the case of hair regrowth, rather than injecting this PRP into the scalp with needles or applying PRP over the scalp after it has been microneedled, we use acoustic sound wave technology to prepare the scalp for PRP and then deliver patient PRP to hair follicles quickly, and painlessly.

Our hair regrowth procedures require about 20 to 40 minutes (shorter for men, longer for women) over the course of six visits every four to six weeks. Patients typically see improvements after their first visit with benefits accruing over seven to nine months with new hair growth appearing in a month, and bald spots filling in over three to nine months. After completing their initial course of six hair regrowth procedures, we recommend that patients continue to support their hair regrowth with a maintenance visit at a four-to-six-month interval.

At Regenesis, our non-invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures complement our procedures to restore patient joint health so that our patients can enjoy more life in their years. We employ patients’ own tissue and advanced technology to help them to feel better and look better without the pain, extensive recovery, downtime, and complication risks inherent in other legacy approaches.

If you have questions, schedule a consultation at Regenesis Stem Cell Center by calling (256)715-8193.

Charles I. Lee, M.D.

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