PaPPo’s Pizzeria & Pub Now Open in South Huntsville, Alabama

What do you get when one of the fastest growing Pizzeria’s, in the country opens in one of the fastest growing Cities in the US? For Pappo Chris Galloway and the Galloway family, hopefully great success especially for Pappo’s oldest son, Jamie Galloway. Jamie moved his family from Nashville to Huntsville to be PaPPo’s Pizzeria & Pub’s Operating Partner at the new restaurant. According to Jamie, “PaPPo’s is a much sought-after concept with pizza connoisseurs as well as local officials literally always trying to lure PaPPo’s to come to their city and I’m super stoked to be a part of PaPPo’s Huntsville.”

So, why did PaPPo’s choose to expand to Huntsville? “Pappo has a long-time connection to the folks at Rosie’s Cantina. They literally invited us to come down to a beautiful restaurant space in the Rosie’s Plaza off Memorial Pkwy SW,” said Jamie Galloway. PaPPo’s has signed a long-term lease with Casa Holdings at 7540 Memorial Pkwy SW. Casa Holdings, LLC representative, Dana Prescott, states “We are so excited to have PaPPo’s in the Rosie’s Plaza in South Huntsville. We felt PaPPo’s would fit well in the Plaza alongside Rosie’s, and we wanted to bring something to Huntsville that is really special.” PaPPo’s was established in 2012 with the first location in Springfield, Missouri and is currently headquartered at The Lake Ozarks, in Missouri. With 11 corporate and Franchise locations in Missouri and Illinois either open or opening soon, PaPPo’s is expanding and plans to open two additional locations in the Huntsville area. According to Pappo Chris, “We want to grow, but we want to do it in a way that preserves the quality and service that PaPPo’s is known for.

”What is all the fuss about and what is so different about PaPPo’s? According to Jamie, “Pappo grew up in an Italian family and he has been in the pizza businesses for 40 years. He felt that the pizza business had gone the way of pre-made highly processed ingredients. So, my dad decided to make everything like his Italian Grandparents and mother Joan did, the real and freshly made Italian food grew up eating and loving as a kid. So, everything is super fresh, almost entirely made from scratch including hand rolled fermented pizza dough, 8 pizza Sauces, 45 toppings, all salad dressings, all wing sauces, as well as PaPPo’s bread baked fresh all day. Meats are fresh, made in house, never frozen. Italian sausage without fillers, ground chuck, slow roasted pork, roasted hormone free chicken breast and jumbo wings are double baked in house.” According to reviews found online, Brown Butter Chocolate Chip cookies are held at a “cult like” status at PaPPo’s! Made in-house with real Ghirardelli Chocolates sprinkled with sea salt; they are savory and not too sweet and served warm to the table. According PaPPo’s social media, PaPPo’s sells over 1200 cookies a day!

PaPPo’s also features a wide selection of Craft Beer with many local favorites. PaPPo’s Huntsville will have 32 taps including 4 Nitro taps for the Craft Beer crowd. PaPPo’s also has their own “house beers” which will be distributed through an Alabama Distributor. According to local beer Distributors, Huntsville is the #1 Craft Beer market in the entire State of Alabama. Craft beer lovers will certainly find a home at PaPPo’s with pints, snifters, flights as well as growlers to go.

Established in 2012 in Springfield, MO, each PaPPo’s is adapted to fit the space and the local market. With varying décor and layouts, each location garners its own unique personality. PaPPo’s Pizzeria’s & Pubs are known for knowledgeable and super friendly staff members, and Owners and Managers who live in and become part of the local community. PaPPo’s attributes their ability to attract high caliber staff, to treating people fairly, challenging them, encouraging them to grow and allowing them to make great money. In addition, employees have and have tons of opportunity to move up within a growing company including potentially owning their own PaPPo’s Franchise.

PaPPo’s new Huntsville location, has several dining rooms, including a party room, outside patio and a full custom designed bar. Happy hour is Monday-Friday 3pm to 6pm. The environment at PaPPo’s is described as relaxed, fun, earthy with wood paneling throughout, plenty of TV’s and a great selection of music from Tom Petty to David Bowie. PaPPo’s will have a broad selection of sporting events on 26 big screen TV’s. Perfect for the big Alabama or Auburn games Reservations for large parties will be available on a first come first serve basis for parties of up to 60 people held with a deposit.

In 2020, PaPPo’s started Pizza4Heroes. Pizza4Heroes enables folks to donate money in collaboration with PaPPo’s to deliver pizzas to Heroes in the local market, such as first responders,

“We cannot possibly express how excited I am to be opening in Huntsville, and we appreciate the very warm welcome we have received “said Pappo Chris. “Our entire PaPPo’s family is so pumped to serve the good folks of Huntsville! Our goal is to be a great restaurant where people can gather and feel welcome. No matter if you are an Alabama or Auburn fan, I think everyone can all agree, that life is better with great food and great restaurants in your local area!”

Visit the website: For information or interviews: email fb: PaPPo’s Pizzeria & Pub Huntsville Memorial Pkwy

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