Meet Will Gardner Sales Consultant Mercedes Benz of Huntsville

By Bob Druckman
South Huntsville Neighbors

Will Gardner is a 29 year veteran of the car business. For 17 of those years he has sold Mercedes Benz at various dealerships across the South. Originally from Milwaukee, Will started selling cars at a large dealership in Milwaukee. “I started out on the budget lot; they wanted to see if I could do the job.” He soon graduated to the showroom. “ I learned so much about the car business at that dealership.”

Since 2017, Will has been at Mercedes Benz of Huntsville.

I had the opportunity to speak with Will about his career and Mercedes Benz.

What does the Mercedes Star mean to you?

To me, the Star is the culmination of true luxury. It is an iconic symbol that everyone knows. It has given me a lot in life and in turn I always keep the “shine “on the star and never tarnish it.

What is your favorite Mercedes Benz?

That’s a great question. The S 560 coupe is my favorite. It’s elegant, powerful and full of luxury. Interestingly, the new EQS electric vehicle is an amazing car. It drives so well.

Tell us about how you work with your clients?

I am an informational sales consultant. When I meet a potential client for the first time I let them know that I will give them all the information that they need to make a purchase. I also value their time, so if a trade is involved, while they are on the test drive their trade is being appraised thus saving them time.
When potential clients come into the dealership there is a heightened fear factor and a lessened trust factor. I use the first 25-30 seconds to let them know my approach. This lessens the fear factor and heightens the trust factor. I want to put everyone in a position to purchase a vehicle.

What would you like the readers of South Huntsville Neighbors to know about you?

I like to make it simple, keep it simple and provide unparalleled individualized service.

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