Oodles of Doodles and More Doggy Day Spa

Hello South Huntsville, my name is Kristian, and I’m the owner of Oodles of Doodles and More Doggy Day Spa, LLC. This article will be a bit personal and explain how I began my business. I had a dream to become more in life than what I had been defined by in my past. I had a vision of leaving behind a legacy for my daughter. I wanted little girls to realize no matter how someone treats you; if you run to God he will make your dreams reality. So with people behind me saying I couldn’t, I simply replied, “Watch me”.

I started running full speed with God and trusting him. My walk of faith had begun. I started working at a vet’s office in January 2018, and my love for dogs began. It became very healing for me in a way I had never imagined. I had all these babies that didn’t care about my past trauma in life, but they loved me for being me. This was a bit deeper than just “a job” for me. This was God paving my way for something more. I allowed the hard times to build me into something more. I knew I was meant for more so with my daughter under my wing, we started our new journey. I started at the bottom making $8.00 an hour working in a doggy daycare and although the money wasn’t great, it was my passion. So, I worked my way up the ladder. I became a bather at the same vet’s office just a year later. I continued to pray and keep pushing, no matter how hard life became at home or work. Within the next year, I stay prayed up and asked God to open new doors. A big uphill climb starred. After that I got an interview for a pet store as a bather. They knew I had minimal grooming experience but saw something in me and gave me a chance. Sometimes it just takes one person seeing more in you than you see in yourself to give us the kick that we need, I accepted that position and cried in my car every day two to three times a day, but I knew God had led me so I couldn’t waste it. After I gained my confidence, I was unstoppable. I became known as the Doodle lady and the most requested groomer in that store. With encouragement from my clients and girls in the salon, I started to walk another road of faith. I began my own business. I converted 1/2 of my garage into a grooming salon with hopes of opening a storefront in mind. One year later, after opening in my garage, it’s now become reality. Through my journey, I’ve learned to lean on God through many late night prayers. I asked God to give me a way to turn this into something more and boy did he ever. It took patience and a little bit of time. I’m learning patience and determination is key in life. God wants us to trust him, and that’s just what we have to do.

My success is God’s glory and nothing more. Maybe my story will help others begin while being scared at the same time. Hope to see you soon.

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