Meet Ambur Rene’ Wilson-Sales Consultant Mercedes Benz of Huntsville

Ambur is one of the members of the sales team at Mercedes Benz of Huntsville. Originally from Colorado, she graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Accounting and Finance.  One unique thing about Ambur is her love of travel. She has been to 49 states. “Alaska is next” “I got my love of travel from my Mom. She traveled for work and she would take my sister and I with her for mini vacations. I guess you could say that my love of travel is ingrained in me.”

When I asked what brought her to Mercedes, her answer was simple, “The upscale factor of selling Mercedes. It stands for class, luxury, style and safety. It’s what I think of when I see the star on the grill. As a matter of fact, my family is from Germany and we know all about Mercedes, so I am very familiar with the product.” Her favorite Mercedes is any 2 door coupe.

We talked a lot about customer service and one of things that Ambur stressed is that understanding what the customer wants in their next vehicle is most important. “I have spent time in the auto industry and customer service is all about personal relationships. The customer wants a positive experience without any pressure. I want that relationship to spill over to the customers’ friends and let everyone they meet know about the great service I was able to provide.”

Ambur has a message for the readers of South Huntsville Neighbors. ”You will always come first. I love to work with people on a personal level, make it fun and the goal is to find the perfect Mercedes for you.”

Mercedes Benz The Best or Nothing

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