The Science of CBD

By Madilyn TuckerSunmed HuntsvilleIn recent years, CBD has quickly emerged as a defining industry in the health and wellness field. According to statistics by CFAH, 26% of American adults are now using CBD, up from just 6% in 2018.While CBD interest is climbing, so is its confusion. The general public still has many questions surrounding … Continue reading The Science of CBD

Pet Sitting for Your Fur Babies

By Elizabeth Reich, Content Coordinator With all the additional activities you may have, on your calendar this bodes the question “What about our fur babies?” Connie Glenn, owner of Aunt Connie's Pet Sitting Service answers your questions about at-home pet sitting. Tell us a little about your pet sitting background (qualifications/experience) Connie has been caring … Continue reading Pet Sitting for Your Fur Babies

Secure Your Pet With Dog Watch

By Jonathan and Britta Cantrell Being life-long animal lovers, Jonathan and Britta Cantrell have one common goal…to keep pets safe at home. As owner-operators of DogWatch of North Alabama, they take great pride in offering the best in customer service as well as the best in pet containment and training products on the market. The DogWatch … Continue reading Secure Your Pet With Dog Watch

DogWatch of North Alabama

By Jonathan Cantrell, and Britta Cantrell Owners DogWatch of North Alabama is a locally owned and operated business that pays attention to every detail of your pets’ safety. Since we are Huntsville based we know your neighborhood. Being life-long animal lovers, owners Jonathan and Britta Cantrell along with their DogWatch team have one common goal…To … Continue reading DogWatch of North Alabama

Cold Weather Exercise Tips

By Dawn Tucker, DVM, Animal Emergency and Critical Care We’ve already been experiencing some colder temperatures. Many nights have been below freezing. This poses a special dilemma to keeping our furry friends healthy and fit during the winter months. Exercise is a very important component for our pets physical and psychological health. If you’re like … Continue reading Cold Weather Exercise Tips

Your Pet and Compounding Pharmacy

By Phillip Rigsby, Pharmacist, Owner Huntsville Compounding Pharmacy The old saying goes: “A healthy pet is a happy pet.”  Unfortunately, whoever said this has never tried to get a cat to take a pill.  Pets are just as unique as their human owners.  They come in different shapes, sizes, and weights.  They allergies and sensitivities, … Continue reading Your Pet and Compounding Pharmacy

Oodles of Doodles and More Doggy Day Spa

Hello South Huntsville, my name is Kristian, and I'm the owner of Oodles of Doodles and More Doggy Day Spa, LLC. This article will be a bit personal and explain how I began my business. I had a dream to become more in life than what I had been defined by in my past. I … Continue reading Oodles of Doodles and More Doggy Day Spa

Tis the Season to Travel—Roadside Plus LLC

By Cherisse and Eric Fletcher Tis the season to TRAVEL!  Yes! It’s that time again!  The holidays when all of the family both near and far get together for fun and festivities!  For some this year will be the first time in a long time experiencing that much needed family bonding.  The economic climate has … Continue reading Tis the Season to Travel—Roadside Plus LLC

Safely Transport Your Pet With Roadside Plus LLC

The summer months are here and ground transport is one of the fastest ways to safely transport your pet.By Eric and Cherisse Lewis Roadside Plus LLC is a nationwide transport company specializing in pet transport and are looking for business partners in the Huntsville and surrounding areas. If you’re an animal clinic or hospital, pet … Continue reading Safely Transport Your Pet With Roadside Plus LLC

Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer

By Dawn Tucker, DVMAnimal Emergency and Critical Care Summer is here! This means a dramatic increase in the risk of heat related illness in dogs. With an increase in temperature and humidity, a constant eye is needed, because the onset of heat stress is quick with little to no warning. It is important to know … Continue reading Keeping Your Dog Safe This Summer