Snow in the Forecast for Fantasy Playhouse in February

Fantasy Playhouse Children's Theatre and Academy Snow White and the 7 Littles

By The Team at Fantasy Playhouse

This February at the Von Braun Center, Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theatre and Academy (FPCTA) flips the script with the world premiere of the classic fairytale Snow White and the 7 Littles. Written and directed by Artistic Director Stephen Tyler Davis, this new adaptation gives power to the princess and focuses on kindness, inclusion, community service, and the true meaning of beauty. But why rewrite the classic? Everyone loves Snow White, the first fully animated feature by Walt Disney, originally created by the Brothers Grimm. Why change a great thing?

When Executive Director Karen Mockensturm proposed to the FPCTA board of directors to bring on a new Artistic Director, she knew she wanted not only an arts administrator, but a creative artist that could take the beloved Fantasy productions to new heights and support the army of amazing volunteers who make the magic on stage and off. Last summer, Stephen Tyler Davis returned from NYC to Huntsville to take on this role, and Mockensturm got not just an Artistic Director, but also a playwright! Before Davis had signed his contract, the first draft of Snow White and the 7 Littles had already been written with a planned debut in Huntsville, Alabama for the FPCTA 62nd Season. This is the first in his reimagined forward fairytale cycle. With Davis penning the new script and perhaps other new scripts coming soon, FPCTA is able to intentionally craft their productions around the strengths and resources of the community, presenting plays where each child can “see themselves” on stage, and stories that reflect the mission and core values of the organization. Davis oversees the Mainstage Production Department, but collaborates with the Education Department on all productions to present school day performances, welcoming students from all over North Alabama. As part of the experience, teachers are given a study guide to support lesson plans around the performance that deal with STE(A)M, vocabulary, literature, and character education. This field trip experience for schools is provided in addition to the robust offerings of classes, camps, and workshops presented by FPCTA year round. 

So what makes this new twist on Snow White so fresh? It starts with a healthy dose of girl power! Snow White is not waiting for a knight in shining armor, because she’s much too busy working to provide clean water for the Little Family and all the creatures of the Nysland Woods. But when her mission is halted by the jealous Queen and her magic mirror, Snow will need the help of her forest friends to save herself and the entire village. Can the Littles rescue her in time, or will the Queen’s vanity reign supreme? There’s only one way to find out, so secure your seats for the first Fantasy adventure through the Nysland Woods. The magic begins on February 17th for 3 days only. Also, don’t miss the very special Sensory Friendly Performance Saturday, February 18th at 10 a.m. designed especially for differently abled audiences, patrons on the Autism Spectrum, and first time tiny theater goers. Tickets for all performances of Snow White and the 7 Littles are on sale now at

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