Preparing for the Future

By Elisa FerrellBoard RepresentativeDistrict 3 Huntsville City Schools I celebrate a birthday this month. When I reflect back, I truly cannot believe time has passed so quickly. When I was a child, it felt like time moved like molasses. It felt like I was going to be at the kids table at Thanksgiving forever! Now … Continue reading Preparing for the Future

Disparities in Pregnancies 

Written by: Selina R. Johnson  Professional Expertise: Dr. Marcia Mierez  In the past several years the topic of disparities in pregnancy has received more publicity due to the high-profile women who have been affected by it. Beyonce Knowles-Carter and Serena Williams are amongst celebrities who have been vocal about their experience that was almost fatal. … Continue reading Disparities in Pregnancies 

“Something’s Going on in Huntsville”

By Greer Milam, SPARC Test Prep Happy New Year everyone! My first year in Huntsville has been very welcoming. The move up from Birmingham just over a year ago was a definite step of faith that has been confirmed many times over the past several months. For this article I thought I would express my … Continue reading “Something’s Going on in Huntsville”

When Should My Student Start Preparing for the ACT?

 By Greer MilamOwner, SPARC, LLC Every year, parents ask me the same questions. How many points do your students’ ACT scores improve after taking your course?  How long have you been doing test prep? What is your education background?  And my favorite, Greer, what’d YOU get on the ACT? This article addresses another commonly asked … Continue reading When Should My Student Start Preparing for the ACT?

From Hardware Store to a State of the Art Building: Introducing the New South Huntsville Public Library

By Bob DruckmanPublisherSouth Huntsville Neighbors Huntsville is growing; South Huntsville in particular. Just driving around you can see the progress being made at Haysland Square and all along the Parkway, construction trucks abound. Bailey Cove is no different. There is a new Huntsville Hospital Urgent Care clinic being built, a new Taco Bell and in … Continue reading From Hardware Store to a State of the Art Building: Introducing the New South Huntsville Public Library

Ars Nova Presents: Boo on the Lawn

FREE Outdoor Concert at Ars Nova School of the Arts Bring your blanket or chairsWe'll bring the firepit with marshmallows and s'mores!Saturday, October 23rd5:30pm -- Outdoor Games6:00pm -- Concert Drake Avenue Southwest

Why Trampoline Gymnastics?

By Cara and Nuno MerinoOwners, Merino Trampoline Gymnastics When most people think of gymnastics, they think of Suni Lee winning all around at the 2021 Olympic Games or Simon Biles’ amazing vault routines; however, most people are unaware that Trampoline Gymnastics is an Olympic Sport! Many assume gymnastics is for the young since they are used … Continue reading Why Trampoline Gymnastics?

Fall Courses at SPARC Test Prep

Greer MilamPrimary Instructor at SPARC, LLC With COVID restrictions gradually being lifted, the landscape of college admissions and test prep has shifted and is still shifting. Some in-state universities are now superscoring. Other colleges are now test-optional. At SPARC Test Prep, we are continually updating our resources to anticipate these changes and are excited to … Continue reading Fall Courses at SPARC Test Prep

What’s Next?

By Elisa A. Ferrell Board Representative | District 3 | Huntsville City Schools Have you ever had one of those situations where circumstances stack up and things keep going sideways? I have! About seven years ago I went to a conference and took my family with me. We were at Orange Beach. My kids unloaded … Continue reading What’s Next?

Visit Reboot Wellness for an OPEN HOUSE!

Learn more about how IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback can help you by visiting our open house! Reboot Wellness Open HouseAugust 20th 3 pm - 7 pmCome and Go Are you dealing with the stress of life from the chaotic environment around you?  Dealing with anxiety or depression or other issues and would like a medicine free alternative … Continue reading Visit Reboot Wellness for an OPEN HOUSE!