Tips for Improving Your Health Post-Pandemic

By Adilene Guzman
Outreach Coordinator 

HAPPI Health

These past three years have significantly impacted our lives. COVID-19 changed everyone’s normal day-to-day living. The biggest adjustments of them all are dealing with quarantine, being asked to wear masks, and social distancing from our loved ones. The scars are forever, but we must learn to overcome them so we can eventually heal. We may not be able to get rid of the pandemic’s effect, but we can prevail.

Our providers at HAPPI Health are sharing some advice on how we can improve our well-being in the New Year, and how to overcome the effects of the pandemic. They also have their New Year’s resolutions, and just like us, need encouragement and support to achieve them. Most of our providers agreed about what makes a great resolution.

“Incorporate any type of self-care, whether that’s journaling, meditation, prayer, or physical activity, anything (that) you feel helps you with your mental health-” says Danielle Barnes, CNRP. “I encourage my patients to make lifestyle changes one day at a time.”
“Definitely take care of your mental health, as there has been an increase in depression and anxiety-” says Meagan Gusmus CRNP, at HAPPI Behavioral Health. “Do not ignore those signs!”

Claudia Carson CRNP says she wants to have more gratitude and positivity. “Just stay positive, as having a positive mindset can boost your immunity. I encourage everyone to drink plenty of water, stay on top of your doctor visits, take your medications as prescribed and incorporate exercise.” She added, “Try to make small little changes, so it’s not overwhelming, and take it one little step at a time.”

“Enjoy life, spend more time outside, there’s always going to be multiple viruses out there that doesn’t mean we have to stay in our house. We can still get out in our front yard, play with our kids, and do things with our family,” says- Ashlee Price, CRNP.

“Just take a deep breath-” suggests Christina Dobre, CNRP, “This is not about how you look; it’s about your health. Not having a healthy diet can lead to obesity, diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and just overall quality of life decreases.” Setting health goals as a family is important, so it helps include the whole family in your efforts to leading a healthier life.

Our doctors and nurse practitioners at HAPPI Health are here to help you lead a healthy life. We advise you to set new year health resolutions and discuss them with your provider. Your health care provider can help you navigate through the journey by lending a hand of support and encouragement to continue improving your overall well-being.

HAPPI New Year from our family to yours.

Claudia Carson CRNP is HAPPI Health’s new Family Nurse Practitioner. Claudia was born in Honduras, is bilingual in Spanish and English. She has been happily married for nearly ten years, is a devoted mother of two children and her cat, Maple.

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