Intentional Faith Guides Individuals Toward A Purpose-Filled Life

By Harriette Mathews
Publicity & Media Coordinator
Intentional Faith

Discovering purpose — aren’t we ALL about that? But some of us have an easier time than others on that journey. The nonprofit Intentional Faith helps struggling Huntsville residents navigate that path and discover their God-given potential by connecting them to opportunities for spiritual, personal and professional growth.

Through personal relationship, the team of Intentional Faith helps those they serve keep moving forward. As team members walk alongside their “community ambassadors (CAs),” they provide focus and necessary resources, helping to clear the way towards independence, defined goals and attainment of a life filled with purpose.

This unique organization arose in 2017 as a way for small business leader and visionary Sandra Cepeda to live out her Christian faith by helping under-resourced individuals in Huntsville find employment and experience the joy of giving back to their community. The 501(c)(3) has created a “circle of blessing” for its founding corporate partner, Cepeda Systems and Software Analysis, Inc., other corporate partners, employees (CAs) and service partners which, themselves, span many facets of the non-profit world.

Executive Director Terry Roberts explains, “IF connects under-resourced individuals with partnering organizations that need additional manpower to support their mission. Corporate partners employ CAs at those locations and everybody wins!” “Businesses give back, and struggling individuals gain much needed income, skills, develop a work ethic and experience the self-worth and dignity that results from the pride of a paycheck, he continued. “As a result, community organizations gain valuable employees who bless the community around them with their efforts. Our circle of blessing impacts all in its radius.”

Roberts, retired NASA engineer and gifted Bible study teacher teams up daily with Spiritual Mentor Joy Martin, who abounds in relational skills and an uncanny ability to help people apply biblical principles in their lives. The dynamic duo makes spiritual “rounds” on service partners to stay connected and holds weekly devotionals with CAs, provides them with resources, spiritual counseling or a shoulder to lean on. The team also posts devotionals for employees and supporters on their YouTube channel. The probing videos explore weighty and contentious Biblical topics.

Both Roberts and Martin have a background in worship music. They collaborate several times a year with local musicians, pastors, speakers and CAs to hold an Intentional Faith “Convergence” at a partner’s location. The high-energy praise and worship service is open to all members of the community who seek to worship God in a celebration of diversity, grace and fellowship.

Intentional Faith is currently connected with four corporate partners and more than 40 service partners across Madison and Morgan Counties. It has helped over 120 individuals make strides in discovering purpose at A New Leash on Life, Ability Plus, Inc., HEALS Clinic, Inc., Huntsville Inner City Learning Center, Manna House and Lincoln Village Ministry — to name a very few. To participate in the circle of blessing as a corporate partner, service partner or donor, visit the website, connect on social media or call the IF office at 256.513.7294. Walk with us.

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