Motorized Window Treatments for Smart Homes

The Smart home trend has picked up its pace. Motorized window treatments add immense value with increased convenience and comfort and, not to forget, a dash of luxury.

Motorization allows you to operate your window treatments in an instant, at the touch of a button, anytime and from anywhere. You can even program them to open and close at pre-planned times of the day or night, or with rising or falling temperatures. They offer not only convenience and a stress-free environment but can also provide enhanced privacy, security, energy efficiency, and UV protection.

Automated window covering solutions have already established a market base among all generations. A 2019 study conducted by Sundale Research has predicted that nearly 12% of all movable window coverings will be automated by 2023.

With Budget Blinds’ motorized window covering solutions, you can transform your home into a Smart home. It adds convenience, comfort, ease, stress-free environment, and a dash of elegance that comes with an elevated lifestyle.

Whether you want to motorize your existing window treatments or install new motorized window coverings, we have solutions designed to meet all your needs, here are some Budget Blinds’ motorized window treatment options worth considering:

Budget Blinds and Lutron Smart Home Collection

In partnership with Lutron, Budget Blinds can offer automated shades that can be controlled at the touch of a button, programmed to schedules, to follow rising or falling temperatures during the day or night or by voice control with devices such as Google, Alexa, and SIRI.

Lutron’s whole-home wireless automation helps you operate your Budget Blinds window coverings effortlessly no matter where you’re located.With Lutron Smart lighting you can control your lighting day or night. To complete the automation, add a Sonos wireless sound system for that perfect home theater experience.

If you’re looking for enhanced child-friendly and energy-efficient window treatments, consider installing Lutron cellular and roller shades, available in a wide variety of colors and materials.

Budget Blinds Motorized Retrofit Solutions

Have existing window coverings that you would like to motorize? No problem. With Budget Blinds Smart Home Collection, you can elevate your home’s existing window coverings with cutting-edge motorization.

Our Motorized Retrofit Solutions allow you to keep your existing window treatments, but upgrade and enhance their value by motorizing them. These can also be controlled with Smart home automation devices available in the market which include Alexa, Sonos, and Google Home, to name just a few. In addition, they offer enhanced practicality with increased energy efficiency, privacy, safety, and convenience at the click of a button. It’s an absolute win-win solution from all sides – practicality, convenience, and an elevated lifestyle at an affordable price!

Lastly, motorized window coverings combine innovative technology with cutting-edge designs to offer users a wide variety of window covering style options and an array of impressive automation features.

Call Budget Blinds at 256-429-9890 for a Free “Smart” Home Consultation.

Smart homes make happy homes!

By Mike Nelson, Owner Budget Blinds

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