Your Pet and Compounding Pharmacy

By Phillip Rigsby, Pharmacist, Owner Huntsville Compounding Pharmacy The old saying goes: “A healthy pet is a happy pet.”  Unfortunately, whoever said this has never tried to get a cat to take a pill.  Pets are just as unique as their human owners.  They come in different shapes, sizes, and weights.  They allergies and sensitivities, … Continue reading Your Pet and Compounding Pharmacy

Preparing for the Unexpected- Tips and What to Do

By Kathryn Gaub, DMV, MPH Animal Emergency and Critical Care Unfortunately, emergencies involving your pets will occur. The following tips may help you to prepare for an emergency and possibly save the life of your pet! Be sure your pet is microchipped and is wearing proper identification. In the event your pet is hit by … Continue reading Preparing for the Unexpected- Tips and What to Do