Blue Accounting and Tax Consulting

By Roxanne RichardsonOwner and Founder Founded just over 5 years ago, Blue Accounting Tax and Consulting Firm has built a reputation for providing quality tax services to clients in Alabama and throughout the United States. Our pride lies not only in providing quality service but also in educating our clients on how they can better … Continue reading Blue Accounting and Tax Consulting

4 Tax Changes and Key Amounts for the 2021 Tax Year

By Sharon S. Heinz, Enrolled AgentProfit Wise Accounting Tax and Marketing Americans are facing a long list of tax changes for the 2021 tax year. Smart taxpayers will start planning for them now. Year-end tax planning is always important, recent adjustments — and the possibility of more on the horizon — may offer unique benefits … Continue reading 4 Tax Changes and Key Amounts for the 2021 Tax Year

Tax Season 2021

By Sharon HeinzOwner and Enrolled Agent Profit Wise Accounting, Tax and Marketing At this time of year, your focus obviously is on ways to reduce your 2020 tax bill.First, here are the main things you need to know for the 2021 tax season: • Tax Day is Thursday, April 15, 2021. You must file your … Continue reading Tax Season 2021