Showcasing Huntsville Music to a Global Audience

By Matt Mandrella, City of Huntsville Music Officer It’s an exciting time for music in Huntsville, and cultivating a more dynamic and diverse music ecosystem that strengthens our economy and increases tourism is something that the city is taking very seriously. Our goal is to strategically cultivate a world class music scene unlike anywhere else … Continue reading Showcasing Huntsville Music to a Global Audience

Meet Billy “Pop” Neal, and Beverly Lowe

By Bob Druckman, Publisher(Photos by Mandi Cook Photography) When we think of wars we often don’t think of the “Forgotten War” the Korean War. Billy (“Pop”) Neal fought in Korea and is a proud veteran. On October 16th Pop will be celebrating his 90th birthday. He also had a wonderful career at NASA. His daughter, … Continue reading Meet Billy “Pop” Neal, and Beverly Lowe

Button Up Your Overcoat

By Frances Akridge City Council Representative District 2 I’m humming an old-fashion tune these days to the sound of “Button up your overcoat, when the wind is free...take good care of yourself, you belong to me.”  It’s a catchy, sweet, jaunty tune and it brings a smile to my face as I look forward to warm March winds, anticipating April showers. The 1928 song also inspires me to take an old fashioned Sunday Drive, too, windows down, … Continue reading Button Up Your Overcoat