By Greer MilamOwnerSPARC, LLC The spring semester is an active part of the school year for preparation for college admissions tests. When parents or students call about spring prep, along with other diagnostic factors, here is some general advice I offer as a starting point depending on the student’s year in school. Families of sophomores. … Continue reading SPRING TEST PREP SEASON

Choosing the Right ACT/SAT Test Prep

By Greer Milam, SPARC Test Prep One extra point on an ACT score can mean the difference between a student attending his or her first or second choice college. Even a single question on the test can tip a score forward or backward potentially affecting a family’s budget thousands of dollars each year. Performance on … Continue reading Choosing the Right ACT/SAT Test Prep

“Something’s Going on in Huntsville”

By Greer Milam, SPARC Test Prep Happy New Year everyone! My first year in Huntsville has been very welcoming. The move up from Birmingham just over a year ago was a definite step of faith that has been confirmed many times over the past several months. For this article I thought I would express my … Continue reading “Something’s Going on in Huntsville”