The Military Personality

By Lisa Philippart LPC, BCPCC, BC-TMH Is there such a thing as a “military personality”? And if so, do the personality traits and attributes of veterans and service members differ greatly from those of the average citizen? Personality is defined as the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. Other terms … Continue reading The Military Personality

Salute to Service, Salute to Love!

By Nastasha V. Verkest, OwnerTave Weddings and Events My husband Adam and I are both US Army Veterans. Adam served on active duty for 20 years as a Unit Supply Specialist (92Y) and US Army Recruiter (79R) before retiring in 2017. I served a total of 11 years as an Airborne, Food Service Specialist (92G) … Continue reading Salute to Service, Salute to Love!