Co/Op Community Table+Bar Restaurant

By Stephen Hardiman –Embassy Suites HuntsvilleCo/op Community table + Bar is a new restaurant developed by two amazing chefs, Chef Marc Taft and local Chef Luke Hawke. Atlanta based Chef Marc Taft is award winning and his expertise is a staple of southeast. Taft’s and Hawke’s creativity to bringing sustainable dishes and local ingredients to … Continue reading Co/Op Community Table+Bar Restaurant

Cultivating Huntsville’s Music Scene

By Matt MandrellaCity of Huntsville Music Officer It’s an exciting time for music in Huntsville. Music tourism is already a large draw for the city and the economic impact it generates will continue to grow significantly. The highly anticipated opening of The Orion Amphitheater combined with the caliber of talent being booked at Mars Music … Continue reading Cultivating Huntsville’s Music Scene

Like Water is for the Body, Music is for the Soul and the City

By Frances AkridgeCity Council RepresentativeDistrict 2 I wonder if our Mayor and his administration knew of these words of wisdom by the ancient philosopher Plato when they proposed we diversify our economy and broaden our cultural experience by investing in the music industry. “I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, … Continue reading Like Water is for the Body, Music is for the Soul and the City