Make Your Kitchen Work For You

By Carolyn KimbroPeachtree Interior Design The number one room of the house that our firm is contacted about renovating is the kitchen. In recent years kitchens have trended towards becoming the center of the home. How many times have you had people over and everyone ended up standing around in the kitchen, despite you having … Continue reading Make Your Kitchen Work For You

A Code of Values

By Brent Bailey, OwnerDreamMaker Bath and Kitchen Our Office Manager and I were going over the myriad of home remodeling topics to cover. During a recent interview with a potential new employee, she came up with a great idea. Share our DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Code of Values™ We share with any new employee, rehearse … Continue reading A Code of Values

Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends for 2022

By Brent and Sue BaileyDreamMaker Bath and Kitchen  Design trends are constantly changing, and trends in kitchen and bath renovations are no exceptions. Knowing the design trends is only part of a great design. The other part is making sure you have a designer who understands what your hopes and dreams are for your kitchen … Continue reading Kitchen and Bathroom Design Trends for 2022

Top Notch Countertop Craftsmanship

By Monika Stark, Owner Ceramic Harmony When searching for beautifully designed, richly sourced, carefully crafted, and durably protected countertop installations, Ceramic Harmony is the Southeast’s premiere destination. Ceramic Harmony combines experience, state-of-the-art technology, and meticulous attention to detail to provide homeowners with the ambiance they dream of. Everything at Ceramic Harmony begins with imagination. As … Continue reading Top Notch Countertop Craftsmanship

“That Ugly BUDGET word”

By Brent and Sue BaileyOwners DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen of Huntsville Spring brings about warm weather, outdoor sports and spring cleaning. After staying Safer at Home for almost a year now, most people are ready for a new start, including their kitchens and baths. Spring is the perfect time of year to begin thinking about … Continue reading “That Ugly BUDGET word”

April Sales Bring May Smiles

By Susan Chipman Realtor Legacy Agent, HREP, Huntsville Real Estate Professional  As we have all figured out by now the Huntsville/Madison area house sales are crazy. Multiple offers, removing contingencies, escalating clauses are all seen as normal business these days. Yes, it has taken most of us by surprise and it actually makes for a … Continue reading April Sales Bring May Smiles