Meet David Little City Council Representative District 2

By David LittleCity Council RepresentativeDistrict 2 Huntsville has been my home for a half-century, or in terms that are easier for me to hear, all my life. Over the past 15 or so years, I have served our community in a variety of ways, from service on the boards of local nonprofit organizations to include … Continue reading Meet David Little City Council Representative District 2

Huntsville’s Office of Community Development How You Can Help

By Frances AkridgeCity Council Representative District 2 I call our city’s Office of Community Development the office of Tough Love and Compassion: TL&C. The officers of Community Development are infamous for enforcing the city code for minimum building standards. These are some the violations to city code for minimum standards: peeling paint, rotting trim, junk … Continue reading Huntsville’s Office of Community Development How You Can Help

Women Warders

By Frances Akridge, City Council Representative District 2 Protector, Guardian, Warder. When I watch a movie like "The Black Panther" or "Wonder Woman," I'm inspired by the women who protect others. I think of my job as a Council representative as also being these things for my neighbors in my own way, wielding no weapon, … Continue reading Women Warders

Independence, Interdependence, and… Infrastructure?

By Frances AkridgeHuntsville City Council RepresentativeDistrict 2 “Government is always a work in progress” said Mayor Battle, as we left a meat-n-three restaurant following a meeting to discuss the purpose and responsibilities of the Citizens Advisory Council to the Police Department. Since the beginning of time, yes, government is a work in progress.  As we continue to celebrate precious freedom and independence from the mercantile rule of the … Continue reading Independence, Interdependence, and… Infrastructure?

Serving Our City

By Jennie RobinsonDistrict 3 Representative and Huntsville City Council President Former Councilwoman Sandra Moon was fond of saying, “Service is the rent you pay for your time on earth.” If you’ve ever felt like you wanted to pay your civic rent but weren’t sure how to do it, you might want to take a look … Continue reading Serving Our City