Fantasy Playhouse: Spotlight on the Future

By: Emily Rodrick and Megan Nivens-TannettFantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater and Academy According to Americans for the Arts, students who take 4 years of arts score 150 points higher on SAT than students who only take ½ year or less. Low-income students highly engaged in arts are 138% more likely to graduate highschool and twice as … Continue reading Fantasy Playhouse: Spotlight on the Future

 Seeing The Magic Through Their Eyes at FPCTA

By Kailey BurkhardtFantasy Playhouse and Children’s Theater Academy The excited buzz of hundreds of third and fourth grade voices echoes across the cafeteria. Students sit anxiously awaiting the first actor to emerge from behind the black curtain on stage. They know they are here to see a play, but have no idea what to expect. … Continue reading  Seeing The Magic Through Their Eyes at FPCTA

Fantasy Playhouse A Christmas Carol

By Karen Mockensturm –Executive Director and Megan Carter Having found ways to pivot to virtual programming during 2020, Fantasy Playhouse Children’s Theater & Academy was thrilled to open its doors to in person programming beginning this fall. The pandemic was especially destructive to the arts & culture industry, but Fantasy Playhouse used the opportunity to … Continue reading Fantasy Playhouse A Christmas Carol