Watering and Burning and Itching, Oh My!

By Patricia M. Fulmer, OD, FAAOLegacy Vision Center Spring has sprung, and while it’s easy to love the beauty of the season, the pollen that accompanies it is unwelcome. At Legacy Vision Center, this time of year brings complaints of itching, burning, watering and/or red eyes with the assumption that the culprit is allergies. Many … Continue reading Watering and Burning and Itching, Oh My!

Why Are My Eyes Red?

By Dr. Alana CokerR City Eye Care Many different causes can contribute to red eyes, but the most common is Dry Eye Disease (DED). When DED is the cause of redness, the eyes may be constantly red or become increasingly red throughout the day. Typically, patients with DED will also feel that their eyes are … Continue reading Why Are My Eyes Red?