Spring Cleaning Time Is Here

By Mykhala Chatman-NashBBC Sanitizing Spring is coming! It is time to open windows, say goodbye to dust bunnies and clean up any lingering holiday clutter. Let us not forget the bittersweet parting of our uninvited tenants & their cobweb homes. Yes! I am talking about Spring Cleaning. Ironically, this time of year can evoke a … Continue reading Spring Cleaning Time Is Here

How To Organize Yourself For Tax Time

By Darci Forde4D Professional Services Does tax time stress you out?  Fill you with anxiety? Do you know where all of your tax documents & receipts are?  I used to start stressing right around this time. Do I have what I need? Did I save that receipt? Is this the conversation you have with yourself … Continue reading How To Organize Yourself For Tax Time