Total Wellness, Let’s Explain.

By Brittni MorenoBritFit, LLC When you think of “wellness”, what comes to mind? For most people it's walking their 10,000 steps, for some it’s eating organic, and for others, it is their diet. More too often we see wellness defined as a self-care or personal wellness. Though personal wellness is a part of total wellness, … Continue reading Total Wellness, Let’s Explain.

BritFit, a Holistic View of Health and Wellness

By Brittni MorenoOwner BritFitMy name is Brittni Moreno and my story begins with me moving to Huntsville, AL in 1996 with my mother who was serving in the armed forces. At the time I was the typical child whose focus did not extend beyond friends, having a good time, and eating what I wanted. Little … Continue reading BritFit, a Holistic View of Health and Wellness