Sealing Your Concrete Foundation Against Water

By Lee AllenAllied Crawl Space Solutions and Foundation Doctors Eliminate Vapor Transfer Since their inception, all basements face an age old problem…Moisture. As the foundation walls are below grade, the active wedge created around basement foundation walls creates an easy way for rain water to infiltrate the disturbed ground and wreak havoc. The other problem … Continue reading Sealing Your Concrete Foundation Against Water

Allied Crawlspace Solutions – Basement Waterproofing

By Lee Allen, Allied Crawl Space Solutions Problem: Basement water problems have impacted the lives of homeowners for over a century. And while many waterproofing solutions have been presented over the years, some problems still exist. The ineffective solutions include perforated drainage tiles that clog and messy intrusive solutions like exterior excavation. Some of these … Continue reading Allied Crawlspace Solutions – Basement Waterproofing

What’s Under My House & Why Do I Need To Know?

When was the last time you went under your house to check the crawl space. The answer for most homeowners is usually rarely or never. But, if you have crawled under your house, it’s possible you could find humidity, pests, mold and sagging floor joists. What is a crawlspace and what is its function? A … Continue reading What’s Under My House & Why Do I Need To Know?