Nurturing the Art of Excellence for 25 Years

By Dr. Ginger BeazleyArs Nova School of the Arts Twenty-five years doesn't seem very long particularly if you're waiting for the fulfillment of a dream you've have for longer than that. Friends had often heard me say that I would like to begin a school teaching music, theater and instrumental performance. However, Bob Baker finally … Continue reading Nurturing the Art of Excellence for 25 Years

Ars Nova Presents Felix Mendelssohn’s Elijah

By Dr. Ginger Beazley Artistic DirectorArs Nova School of the ArtsArs Nova Singers presents excerpts from Felix Mendelssohn’s oratoria, Elijah. One of the more popular oratorios historically Mendelssohn’s collaborated with Julius Schubring, to create the German text telling the Old Testament story of the prophet Elijah. However, in 1845, the composer worked with William Bartholomew, … Continue reading Ars Nova Presents Felix Mendelssohn’s Elijah


By Susan McCainStage DirectorCinderella Who doesn’t love a good Cinderella story? You know the story of the underdog not expected to succeed but by some miracle exceeds our expectations. We love these stories when it pertains to sports. It’s exciting to root for the team that by all accounts should not win a single game … Continue reading CINDERELLA

The Sound of Broadway

By Ron Roberts Ars Nova School of the Arts Fill in the blank. The hills are alive with: __________. If you thought “pollen” or “the sound of sneezing”, you wouldn’t be incorrect at this time of year. But try again and think: Julie Andrews.I’ll wager that 99% of you filled in the blank by singing … Continue reading The Sound of Broadway

Kathleen Buckner-The Magic Of Opera

By Kathleen BucknerDirector of Educational Outreach Ars Nova School of the Arts In the summer before I started high school, I was in my first opera. Ars Nova was holding auditions for the chorus, and I was already interested in taking voice lessons there, so I auditioned and (with a stroke of luck) became a … Continue reading Kathleen Buckner-The Magic Of Opera

ARS Nova School of the Arts Nurturing the Art of Excellence

By Dr. Ginger Beazley, Founder and Director The school was established in September of 1998 with 25 students and has grown today to approximately 80 students. We are located at 2828 Drake Ave SW, Huntsville, AL 35805, in the same building with AB Stephens Music. We offer group classes for children ages 4-5 and grades … Continue reading ARS Nova School of the Arts Nurturing the Art of Excellence

Ars Nova Presents: Boo on the Lawn

FREE Outdoor Concert at Ars Nova School of the Arts Bring your blanket or chairsWe'll bring the firepit with marshmallows and s'mores!Saturday, October 23rd5:30pm -- Outdoor Games6:00pm -- Concert Drake Avenue Southwest