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Micro Current Neurofeedback Shows Promise in Helping Autism

Since 2011, the month of April has been designated as Autism Awareness Month. This year, the Autism Society of America is changing the wording from “Awareness” to “Acceptance” in the hopes of fostering an acceptance of individuals living with autism into the everyday life of their communities. According to the CDC’s latest numbers, about 1 … Continue reading Micro Current Neurofeedback Shows Promise in Helping Autism

What is Play Therapy?

Jennifer L. GreggPhD, LPC, NCC, Registered Play Therapist I am often met with confusion when I tell someone that I am a Play Therapist. At a glance, play therapy looks like simple play and having fun. However, play therapy has been found to be a practical and effective therapeutic approach in treating a variety of … Continue reading What is Play Therapy?

Neurofeedback and Mental Health Support

Neurofeedback is a growing technology in the world of mental health support. From treating ADD/ADHD to depression and anxiety, this non-invasive treatment is used to alleviate unwanted symptoms of these issues along with a variety of other mental health issues.The providers at Reboot Wellness, LLC have been utilizing this technology for nearly three years in … Continue reading Neurofeedback and Mental Health Support