Fall Courses at SPARC Test Prep

Greer MilamPrimary Instructor at SPARC, LLC With COVID restrictions gradually being lifted, the landscape of college admissions and test prep has shifted and is still shifting. Some in-state universities are now superscoring. Other colleges are now test-optional. At SPARC Test Prep, we are continually updating our resources to anticipate these changes and are excited to … Continue reading Fall Courses at SPARC Test Prep

How to Score a 36 on Your ACT

By Greer Milam, SPARC LLC Did the title of this article get your attention? It was supposed to. Keep reading. In today‚Äôs internet driven marketplace, many of our purchases are based on the luring arrangement of website elements designed to take us one click closer to the checkout screen. An increasing number of test prep … Continue reading How to Score a 36 on Your ACT