Discussing Veteran Health Concerns & Accessibility

By Taneia Surles, MPHCommunity Outreach CoordinatorVeteran healthcare is offered through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for health concerns like disability, service-related injuries, and ailments, with no added costs at a veteran’s hospital. However, veterans can experience other issues after service that aren’t always treated or covered at veteran hospitals. An overlooked issue is … Continue reading Discussing Veteran Health Concerns & Accessibility


By Anita Giles MS, CCC-A AudiologistPhysicians Hearing Center Hearing is vital to all facets of life. It is essential for maintaining relationships and connections with family and friends and makes it possible to engage, listen, laugh, and enjoy participation in life events. Hearing is the sensation of sound that is detected by the ears and … Continue reading EARS– THE GREAT PROTECTORS

What are the Warning Signs and Risk Factors for Suicide?

By Taneia Surles, MPHSince 2008, Suicide Prevention Awareness Month has been nationally recognized in September. This month-long holiday aims to raise awareness about suicide, share resources, and support those dealing with suicidal thoughts. With the stigmas and taboos around suicide, organizations like the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) want to shift society's negative perceptions … Continue reading What are the Warning Signs and Risk Factors for Suicide?

Hearing Health—Treating Hearing Loss

By Anita Giles MS, CCC-A AudiologistPhysicians Hearing Center Life is about relationships—those that we have now and those that we have had. The loss of relationship and the ability to share life with someone you love can occur by distance or death, but it also occurs when someone can’t hear well enough to communicate or … Continue reading Hearing Health—Treating Hearing Loss


By Megan Alexander RN, HCHIYes! These are babies whose parents prepare for childbirth using the Hypnobabies method of hypnotic childbirth. Hypnobabies teaches medical-grade hypnosis techniques, creating a peaceful and more comfortable pregnancy and birthing, along with a calm, confident birth partner. The Hypnobabies program is a complete childbirth education course covering nutrition, prenatal exercise, birth … Continue reading Hypno…babies?

Hearing Loss – Impact on Cognition

By Anita GilesMS, CCC-A AudiologistPhysicians Hearing Center “Happy Birthday to You!”Don’t you love the sound of this song when your family and friends celebrate you and how important you are to them? However, there comes a time when you want to stop counting the number of candles on the cake. Reality sets in and you … Continue reading Hearing Loss – Impact on Cognition

BritFit, a Holistic View of Health and Wellness

By Brittni MorenoOwner BritFitMy name is Brittni Moreno and my story begins with me moving to Huntsville, AL in 1996 with my mother who was serving in the armed forces. At the time I was the typical child whose focus did not extend beyond friends, having a good time, and eating what I wanted. Little … Continue reading BritFit, a Holistic View of Health and Wellness

Fertility Massage

By Annie OgleLymphatic Specialists of North AlabamaLMT #2218 Fertility Massage is an all-natural technique designed to improve fertility and health of the reproductive organs. A Combination of Lymphatic massage, along with Myofascial Release, Chi Nei Tsang, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage are used when performing fertility massage. Warm castor oil packs are used as needed. … Continue reading Fertility Massage

Meet Diana Dowdy Certified Nurse Midwife

By Dr.Anne Marie Reidy- Women 4 Women OBGYN As part of its mission to support women through all the stages of their lives, Women4Women OBGYN is excited to announce the hiring of Diana Dowdy, Certified Nurse Midwife.  Diana joins Tiffany Golub delivering babies at Huntsville Hospital and providing midwifery care to women in northern Alabama.  … Continue reading Meet Diana Dowdy Certified Nurse Midwife

Disparities in Pregnancies 

Written by: Selina R. Johnson  Professional Expertise: Dr. Marcia Mierez  In the past several years the topic of disparities in pregnancy has received more publicity due to the high-profile women who have been affected by it. Beyonce Knowles-Carter and Serena Williams are amongst celebrities who have been vocal about their experience that was almost fatal. … Continue reading Disparities in Pregnancies