Southeast Family YMCA Togetherhood Project

By Kathy ParikhBoard ChairSoutheast Family YMCA On May 7th, the Southeast Family YMCA sponsored a Clean-Up at Ditto Landing as a Togetherhood Project. Togetherhood is the YMCA’s Signature Program for Social Responsibility.   The event was a huge success!  About 125 volunteers, of all ages, from all parts of the City and County participated. Volunteers collected 100+ bags … Continue reading Southeast Family YMCA Togetherhood Project

Benefit Concert Huntsville College Preparatory School

By Monique Griffin, Principal and CFOHuntsville College Preparatory SchoolAnd Isaac Griffin – COO and Vice Principal Huntsville College Preparatory School, formerly known as Huntsville Achievement School is a nonprofit private school, serving children with learning differences in the heart of Huntsville for over 14 years. Our student body includes students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, … Continue reading Benefit Concert Huntsville College Preparatory School

Redistricting District 5

By Phil Riddick Madison County Commissioner District 5 Every ten years, after the census, elected officials are required to go through a redistricting process to balance population levels in each district.  The State Legislators do this as well as the City Council and the County Commission.  As of now all these bodies have gone through … Continue reading Redistricting District 5

Women Warders

By Frances Akridge, City Council Representative District 2 Protector, Guardian, Warder. When I watch a movie like "The Black Panther" or "Wonder Woman," I'm inspired by the women who protect others. I think of my job as a Council representative as also being these things for my neighbors in my own way, wielding no weapon, … Continue reading Women Warders

Women Play an Integral Role At Huntsville Police Department 

By Mark McMurray- Huntsville Chief of Police For more than a century, women have played an integral role in police departments. Whether on the street fighting crime or gathering vital information as call-takers and dispatchers, records or inventory, ITS and information management, crime analysts, crime scene technicians, women are assets to the law enforcement community. … Continue reading Women Play an Integral Role At Huntsville Police Department 

Breaking the Brass Ceiling

Jennie RobinsonCity Council PresidentRepresentative District 3 Female police officers have come a long way since the mid-19th century when women in law enforcement were limited to caring for female inmates and did not have the authority to make arrests. The honor of becoming the first policewoman goes to Alice Stebbins Wells of Los Angeles who … Continue reading Breaking the Brass Ceiling

Increasing the Ranks of Women in Public Safety

By Mayor Tommy BattleThe City of Huntsville has been proactively working to expand opportunities for women in public safety. Historically, women have comprised a majority of the civilian support staff positions for police and fire, but few were sworn in as officers or certified firefighters. That is changing for the better. A more equitable public … Continue reading Increasing the Ranks of Women in Public Safety

The Great Resignation, Schools Are Not Immune and It Is Time to Act

By Elisa Ferrell, Board Representative | District 3 Huntsville City Schools A few months ago, I was headed to a monthly breakfast meeting where the only beverage served is coffee. I don’t drink coffee, so I stopped at McDonalds to grab a sweet tea. The line was short, so I thought it would only be … Continue reading The Great Resignation, Schools Are Not Immune and It Is Time to Act

Do You Think Like a Systems Engineer?

Systems Engineering is Everywhere By Susan S. Askew, PE, CSEP and Rebecca Falcon, PMP, CISM, Black Swans Rising, LLC As my family began our annual Holiday Gingerbread Project, we realized just how much engineering went into this tradition. As I thought about other holiday endeavors, I couldn’t help but notice all the elements of systems … Continue reading Do You Think Like a Systems Engineer?

South Huntsville Main Business Association

By Katie Bosarge-PattersonExecutive Director The Holiday season is upon us!  Our Annual Cookie Crunch and Small Business Saturday helped us kick off the Holiday season last month, and now it’s in full swing! Our businesses are welcoming shoppers as they look for that perfect gift to go under the tree. You can find everything you … Continue reading South Huntsville Main Business Association