The Swimming Pool Cannonball Contest Is Back On

By Ron Hicks
Pool Scouts of Huntsville

We are in April. We’ve officially made it ALL THE WAY THROUGH MARCH. Spring has SPRUNG and we are jumping feet first into our busiest season of the year for your favorite pool team, Pool Scouts of Huntsville.

A few things immediately come to mind as we finish March. We are all excited about March Madness and we have seen the winners and losers of their brackets. as we rack and stack your brackets looking out for the underdog. Another highlight is the St. Patrick’s Day parade and all of the people that love to wear green in celebration. Finally it is the first day of Spring as of March 1st.

Spring is in full swing. It’s time for our final and most eventful time of year, the temperature is starting to hit 70 degrees off and-on-and people are starting to look at their yards. The next piece is to look at your pool cover to see how it has been maintained over the winter if you have a cover on it. The opening of your pool during March and April is the most exciting time for us as it means it’s almost time for the timeless tradition of the cannonball contest. If you have allowed your pool company to perform winter service in most cases the water is clear. If you did nothing to your pool over the winter, then in most cases if you peep behind the cover, it is green.

If your pool is green after a peak in the pool a few things are needed, an extra set of elbow grease and patience as this is not an overnight process. Neither of these is a problem for your favorite pool lifeguard here at pool scouts. A green pool indicates the water is no longer properly balanced and it has stagnated for too long. Cleaning algae out of your swimming pool is a simple task and delicate task, you will need a few days of maintenance before anyone can go swimming.

If you are still asking yourself if you should do it yourself, I would say you want to consider hiring a professional cleaning service to keep your pool pristine and in tip-top condition as it will save you time and headaches. We are paid to notice all of the little things that cause costly repairs in the future. Even if you have someone open the pool it will save you time and money for the start of the season concerning chemicals. We ensure that your pool comes out of winterization ready for peak performance. We also ensure that your pool has not sustained any damage during the winter checking every nook and cranny. All of these actions allow you more time to do other things. We shorten your timespan for jumping into the pool while it goes faster and smoother with expert oversight. We offer openings, Green to Blue services, weekly and bi-weekly reoccurring services along with vacation services.

We are here to support you in any way possible to take care of one of your most valued assets, your pool. Call us today at 256-863-3727 or email us a request for service at

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