Skin Care Chronicles – Love Your Skin**

By Kenyetta O. Jones

Advocate for Skin Health

 Do you know your skin is the largest organ of our bodies? So why do we treat it with such disrespect?  Yes, we clean it and moisturize it; but we also bump it, bruise it, scrape it, and dehydrate it.  Yet, we want it to look acne-free when we are 16, twenty when we are in our 40s, twenty-five when we are in our 50s, and radiating the skin of a 30-year-old when we are 70s! We want so much from our skin, however, most of us refuse to provide our skin with the time and attention it needs to have the healthy glow we love.

Let us take a more focused point of view starting with our faces and our necklines.  We all have a continuous skin care journey full of surprises such as adult acne, or newly developed sensitive skin, or dark blemishes, or new lines that seem to be popping up… WITHOUT FAIL! We want to blame everyone and everything.  Instead, try looking at our own skin care routines. 

We should care for our skin by what we put in our bodies and our topical use choices. Drinking plenty of water, diminishing our stress, and being attentive to any new sensitivities our bodies may develop (i.e., allergies to foods or environmental surroundings) are just a few things that can make a big difference in skin health.

A few extra tips to keep your skin healthy:

⦁ Take notes about your skin changes.
⦁ Consult your physician with your observations.
⦁ Remember, what you give your body to absorb, your skin will display, so drink PLENTY of water!

Here are a few simple suggestions for a healthy skin care regimen for your face and décolleté area using the simple steps of cleanse, tone, and moisturize. Try this at least once a day, but the preferred method is once in the morning and once again before bedtime.

1.      Cleanse. Choosing the correct cleanser for your skin goes a long way to having clean and balanced skin with a healthy glow. Using a facial cleansing brush with your cleanser and water gives skin an even deeper clean than just using your hands.

2.      Tone. Toner assists in closing your pores to provide a rebalancing of your skin after cleansing.  Most importantly, toners add a layer of protection. It is recommended to use twice daily.

3.      Moisturize. The proper moisturizer completes the wonderful work you have done in keeping your skin healthy.  It seals the deal by hydrating your skin to provide a healthy glow with no signs of oily spots or dry patches.  It reveals the true and healthy you.

SYMPTOMS*T-zone is oily/dry, but the rest of skin is normalCheeks & T-zone are oilyCheeks & T-zone are dry/scaly
CLEANSER NEEDSTypically, incorrect skin cleanser was chosen. Need one for Normal SkinNeed cleanser for Oily/Combination skinNeed cleanser for Dry skin
 *T-Zone: The forehead, nose, and chin.

SENSITIVE SKINAllergic ReactionsRosaceaEczema/Lupus Outbreaks
Toner Choices
(see Toner description)
Normal skin/Normal sensitive skinOily/Combination skin
Oily/Combination sensitive skin
Dry skin
Dry sensitive skin
Moisturizer Choices
(see Moisturizer description)
Normal skin/Normal sensitive skinOily/Combination skin
Oily/Combination sensitive skin
Dry skin
Dry sensitive skin

Enjoy your skin care journey, and love your skin! 

**Article Information – The information contained in this article in for informational use only. Consult your physician to obtain a confirmed diagnosis for your skin care needs.

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