Meet Jill McClure Huntsville Decorating Center

By Bob Druckman
South Huntsville Neighbors

Huntsville Decorating Center has been a fixture in our decorating scene for many years. What many people don’t know is that they offer a FREE decorating service every Wednesday from 8:30-5:00. Jill McClure is their resident designer. 

Jill is a native of Nashville, she and her husband moved to Huntsville in 2006. “My husband’s job brought us here, we can’t think of a better place to live and raise our kids, we love it here.” Jill is a graduate of Nashville’s Watkins College of Art & Design where she majored in Fine Arts and Interior Design. 

She started out in a Design Trade showroom working with other area interior designers, went on from there to selling high end furniture and eventually landed work for a builder in East Tennessee where she decorated model homes for startup communities.  
After several years of being a stay at home mom, Jill stepped back into the design world. She and her husband have bought, renovated and sold a few homes in the Blossomwood neighborhood. Her current home is now a mid-century modern that was designed & built by an architect in the early 70’s;the large windows, clean architectural lines with the rustic mountainside setting is why she chose this home. In addition to undertaking these projects, she and her husband opened up Sip Fine Spirits & Cigar Lounge in Downtown Huntsville and Sip Cigars & Lounge in Decatur. The décor was Jill’s vision and creation. 

Jill became the resident designer at Huntsville Decorating Center after being a long time customer of theirs. Currently, Jill assists customers as walk-ins, but will soon be set up as appointment only. “I’d like to give each client my undivided time for their projects”

We discussed current trends and some of the projects keeping her busy as a designer. Interior & exterior color schemes finish selections for new builds & renovations, decor & furniture and staging services for real estate listings. “I also love home makeovers, we use as much of the clients existing furniture and decor as we can”

Paint Colors- “Warm, earthy palettes. Chocolate brown, Olive green & Teal are a few of my current favorites. You’ll definitely be seeing more color  for 2023-24”

Wallpaper- “It’s been on the rise for several years, the use of wallpaper in powder and laundry rooms or an accent wall, I’m now seeing a shift into papering larger spaces & hallways. Stripes, large scale prints and papering in unexpected places, such as ceilings, will be popular”

Flooring- “Patterned tile & carpet. Light and natural wood tones will remain popular for hardwoods. LVP is very popular, consumers love having environmentally-friendly options” 

Kitchens- “Sleek cabinet doors, the use of mixed metals, bold color choices, statement lighting & stone slab backsplashes. Gold cabinet hardware will remain popular”

When I asked Jill what her message would be to the readers of South Huntsville Neighbors she said, “I’m at Huntsville Decorating Center every Wednesday to help with your design needs. Come and see me”

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