Mercedes-Benz of Huntsville: Meet Justan Banks, Sales Consultant

By Bob Druckman Publisher South Huntsville Neighbors

Justan Banks is a native of Oxford Alabama, a graduate of Oxford High School and Alabama A&M with a degree in Business. His route to auto sales consulting has been a circuitous one that has taken him to 33 countries, met thousands of people, and performed in front of hundreds of thousands. How so? Justan spent two seasons as a Harlem Globetrotter!

As he put it, “It was the best experience of my life. Even though this article is focusing on Justan’s role at Mercedes-Benz of Huntsville, I had to ask about the ball handling skills of the Globetrotters. “Lots of practice and repetitions. We performed for two hours and we had three plays that we ran. We had to know what we were doing at all times.”

Justan is also a gourmet with Italian food as his specialty. “Spaghetti and lasagna are my two favorites.”

Justan is married to Tia Rosa, who is a nurse at Huntsville Hospital and they have an 11 month old son Justan Jr. Both he and Tia are very involved in the community and their church. Justan’s brother is on the autism spectrum and when Justan came home from touring he worked at Ability Plus and saw how grateful the people were for his help. He is also involved with the Breast Cancer awareness group and helps fund raise for them.

At church he is involved in as many activities as he can be, “All the volunteer work that we do is to honor our Lord.”

How did you come to work at Mercedes-Benz of Huntsville?

I really enjoy luxury auto sales. I have done some other work in the past, but I am always drawn back to this industry. It doesn’t get better than Mercedes-Benz and this is what I love to do.

What is it about a Mercedes-Benz vehicle that is so attractive?

It’s luxury. Others may have speed, but Mercedes-Benz is the most luxurious by far. Its safety and driving features are the best in the business, and nothing is more luxurious.

What is your customer service philosophy?

I have always enjoyed working with people. My role is not all about selling a car. It’s really about trust and relationships. I am all about earning the trust of each client that comes in to see me. Staying in touch with a client is important and a referral is the best compliment I can receive.

What is your favorite Mercedes?

The S Class absolutely. I am tall and it has lots of space. When a client gets into an S Class they can see and feel the luxury and performance. When a client thinks Mercedes they think S Class.

What would you like the readers of South Huntsville Neighbors to know about you?

I would like them to know that I am dedicated to serve my community. Helping a client find their perfect Mercedes is so fulfilling. It’s what I do.

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