A Note of Appreciation

By Chief Kirk Giles
Huntsville Police Department

I would like to take this opportunity to address and thank our local community.

While we received support from all over the country, the outpouring of love from our community was overwhelming following the death of Officer Garrett Crumby and critical wounding of Officer Albert Morin.

Our department has received so many cards, emails, text messages, phone calls and notes regarding the events of March 28. The love and support you’ve shown our officers, employees, as well as their families, underscores why this is a wonderful community to live and work in.

Your support and prayers gave us strength through Officer Crumby’s funeral and graveside service. This continues to strengthen Officer Morin’s resolve to heal and return to the job he loves.

For those who lined the streets and overpasses from Mayfair Church of Christ along the route to Tuscaloosa, it was a heartwarming tribute to Officers Crumby and Morin and all first responders.

During the service, Officer Crumby’s sister said Garrett would have been embarrassed by the attention. He would want us to be brave and strong and honor his memory by our continued service with professionalism.

The sorrow in the wake of this senseless tragedy is felt deeply by our department as well as our community. Tragically, our officers were again reminded of the sacrifices their jobs require.

Officer Crumby was taken too early performing a heroic deed for someone he didn’t know. Like Officers Crumby and Morin, we understand such a noble calling comes with risks.

It’s impossible to single out and thank everyone for their support. I ask for continued prayers for our department, their families as well as our community as we grieve the loss of one hero and cheer on another hero eager to return to the job he loves.

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