Spring Cleaning Time Is Here

By Mykhala Chatman-Nash
BBC Sanitizing

Spring is coming! It is time to open windows, say goodbye to dust bunnies and clean up any lingering holiday clutter. Let us not forget the bittersweet parting of our uninvited tenants & their cobweb homes. Yes! I am talking about Spring Cleaning. Ironically, this time of year can evoke a dichotomy of emotions. For many, the onset of spring means another winter bites the dust (excuse the pun). Conversely, flowers are not the only things blooming; so is your To Do list.

What do you think of when you hear the phrase Spring Cleaning?

• Why spring?
• Do I have to get rid of the Christmas tree?
• What’s the benefit of Spring Cleaning?
• Yes, I need it, but I need help!

Well let’s start with:
Why Spring?

Then: Centuries ago, households bunkered down to survive the winter. Their homes were lit with whale oil or kerosene & heated with wood or coal which left a layer of grime in every room. Once the weather warmed up, cleaning was necessary to remove the layers of winter dirt.

Now: While our fuel source is more efficient, we spend considerably more time indoors during winter. The season leaves behind dust, allergens, and accumulated clutter. Once the weather warms, we naturally become more active. Cleaning is a necessary part of preparing for a busy summer.

Do I have to get rid of the Christmas tree?

I should preface this answer by letting you know; we do not judge. BBC Sanitizing is a safe space. But the answer is YES! The tree is a dust magnet, a haven for cobweb dwellers, and a potential fire hazard. According to Dignity Health, “…Clutter overwhelms your senses & can [impede] productivity. Cleaning the debris that naturally accumulates during the winter months often eliminates allergic reactions to dust, pet dander, mildew, and mold.”

What’s the benefit of Spring Cleaning?

Spring cleaning influences our physical, mental & emotional wellbeing. Individuals prone to allergies can immediately feel the benefits of an environment free of allergens, airborne particles, and pollutants. In the workplace a clean & orderly space promotes mental clarity, creativity, and facilities concentration. In the home, a clean environment gives you the autonomy to better manage your time. “ By creating an clean and organized [space] we are exercising influence over our environments” (The Psychology Behind Spring Cleaning, 2018).

Yes, I need it, but I need help!

Many stomachs will cramp thinking about the daunting task of spring cleaning. We suggest you delegate the task. Let the professional do the work for you. It’s not cheating; only in college is it strongly suggested that you do your own work. Here at BBC Sanitizing we know exactly what products & tools are needed to give your home or workspaces a spring freshen up. Let us focus on ridding your space of dirt, dust, & cobweb dwellers. You focus on what’s important: family & business. Creating a clean environment can incite strong feelings of wellbeing, accomplishment, and productivity. (Spring Cleaning, 2022).

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