HarborChase of Huntsville is a Surprisingly Vibrant Community

Three white wicker chairs sit next to each other on a garden-facing southern style veranda. There are climbing and flowering plants arranged prettily in the foreground and background.

By Kristen Warren
Director of Media
HarborChase of Huntsville

Ask friends and family if they want to dine out at a senior living community or attend special events and classes on any given day, and they might politely decline. HarborChase of Huntsville is turning the tide and the perception of what senior living looks like and offers. And it could not happen fast enough for today’s aging Boomer Generation who know what they like, want the freedom to make choices, maintain their independence, and break bread with friends and family any time of day. A surprisingly vibrant community, HarborChase is the essence of exceptional hospitality and active retirement.

Huntsville has delicious dining options and HarborChase of Huntsville can be added to the list of destinations worth the visit. More like a luxury resort than a senior living community, the restaurants at HarborChase of Huntsville are a particular point of pride for residents, associates, and visiting professionals. Huntsville’s four on-site restaurants – Signatures, Counter-Offer café, Chefs Studio, and The Grill Room – provide culinary options ranging from gourmet five-course dinners to casual grab-and-go fare. All restaurants are managed by Chef Humberto Reyes, Director of Hospitality.

At The Chefs Studio, culinary talents are showcased through live demonstrations and special tastings, while The Grill Room provides an intimate, reservation-only weekend dining experience featuring land, sea, and air entrees. Counter-Offer is a delightful cafe in the heart of the community offering artisanal sandwiches, handcrafted salads, pastries, and a variety of beverages, coffees, and snacks. For residents who prefer something less formal than the traditional three-course meal in Signatures, the cafe is ideal. For professionals and families who frequent the community, Counter-Offer is convenient for fresh, fast meals, and an ideal meeting space.

Life Enrichment programs are thriving at HarborChase and include special events and programs focused on engaging mind, body and spirit. From intimate events to big celebrations, residents, families, and professionals are invited to attend.

If you like delicious culinary experiences, exceptional hospitality, and concierge service, pay a visit to HarborChase of Huntsville located at 4801 Whitesport Circle or call to schedule a personalized Taste and Tour at 256-650-1155.

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