Expanding City & What This Means for the Healthcare Community   

By Adilene Guzman 
Community and Marketing Office Coordinator 
Happi Health
In 2022, Huntsville was selected as the best city to live in, within the Unites States. (NewsNation) Our city is growing and thriving, and we can see it all around us. We have noticed that our traffic is much heavier, construction is abundant, and rent/mortgage rates have increased. People are coming from all over the United States to live in this beautiful city, which means a rapid increase in population and widespread diversity.  

Although this growth is great for our city, unfortunately, Huntsville healthcare system cannot keep up with the demand. Attempting to set up an appointment is now more changeling than ever. At HAPPI Health, we often hear patients discuss the struggle to be seen by a provider, the wait times, or lack of translation for the non-English speaking communities. HAPPI Health is aware of these issues and we have made several investments in improving our services.  

HAPPI Health eliminates the need to make multiple trips around town by offering a one-stop shop for your medical needs. Our walk-in Urgent Care accepts all patients without the need to be a primary care patient at one of our practices. In addition, our offices accept Medicaid and private insurance plans. We also offer a sliding fee discount program to those who are uninsured or underinsured.  

As the Hispanic community continues to grow increasing our bilingual employees has been one of our upmost priorities. At our locations we have front desk bilingual receptionists, nurses, and now a bilingual Nurse Practitioner, Claudia Carson. All our locations have native and trained Spanish-speaking employees ready to translate vital health information to our patients. Soon we will also open our Hispanic clinic, where patients can be seen by Carson for well checks, sick visits, follow ups, and more. 

We’ve seen a substantial increase in child births with the influx of new families moving to Huntsville. Parents have expressed the difficulty of finding a pediatrician that is accepting new patients, resulting in leaving newborns without a doctor to analyze their growth at such a vital stage. Fortunately, HAPPI Health is proud to let our community know we never turn newborns away. We always recommend that parents call our office to set up a newborn appointment before being discharged from the hospital. These appointments are scheduled when clinics open early in the morning, so babies are not exposed to other patients, thus minimizing the risk of newborns getting sick.  

In addition to these services, HAPPI Health has partnered with Sparkman Pharmacy and Pathgroup to improve patient experience. The pharmacy is inside Urgent Care, you can easily pick up your prescriptions after appointments. Also, Pathgroup is available at all locations, allowing you to get your lab orders done at the same location you’re receiving your medical care. Offering these services simplifies and improves the patient’s experience, which is a significant priority for HAPPI Health. Call our offices today for more information.  

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