Tavé Weddings and Events

By Nastasha and Adam Verkest
TAVÉ Weddings and Events

TAVÉ Weddings & Events is a full service planning and design business that is committed to helping our clients create that one-of-kind style and ambiance that truly reflects who they are. We are constantly seeking out new trends, innovative styles, have limitless resources and are always thinking outside of the box. The possibilities for your special day can only be limited by your imagination. TAVÉ event planners believe that a successful event begins with proper planning. We ensure our clients enjoy the planning process and have smooth running event that feels elevated and personal. Expectations are high when it comes to weddings. We strive to exceed those expectations with our attentive management of your event, detail oriented and artistic staff, professionalism, and personalization.

We are constantly seeking out new trends globally so our clientele will always stand out in a sea of sameness. We believe every couple is unique and their wedding style should reflect their personalities with customizations and personal touches. Because we have so much experience in various areas of the wedding industry, we are able to offer many more services than your average wedding and event planner can.

We have several niche markets that we cater to but are certainly not limited to. We are experts in Caribbean destination weddings and events such as elopements, sweet 16s, family reunions/vacations, scuba diving trips, golf trips, pickle ball tournaments, honeymoons, anniversaries, BFF getaways, graduation trips and corporate incentive trips.

Our son has autism and we wanted him to experience all of the family adventures that atypical families get to do. During our research for autism-friendly destinations, I attained a certification in autism travel. I advise families on autism friendly destinations to help them navigate the overwhelming fear of traveling with a family member on the autism spectrum safely.
I hold certifications in multi-cultural weddings and events, LGBTQ+ weddings and military functions. So many of today’s weddings have blended families with multiple religions, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, that it can easily become overwhelming trying to incorporate all the layers into one cohesive event.

Weddings are expensive no matter how you budget for them. The more guests you invite, the more money you’ll need to spend on your wedding. Even if you’re a minimalist and have very understated décor or decide to take on a few DIY projects yourself to save cost, you will certainly spend way more than you anticipated. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen couples overspend on items that never got used, favors left on the table intended for guests to take home as keepsakes thrown in the trash afterwards and unnecessary items that are a complete waste of money (especially if you have limited budget). There are so many pretty things on Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok that couples envision for their own weddings. I get it! After all, I’ve made a career out of designing and creating beautiful spaces. The reality is, brides and grooms don’t know what they don’t know. Hiring a wedding professional will save you time, money, and frustrations period!

Wedding professionals have completed the research, done the trial and error, and had experience in more weddings than you’ve probably attended in your entire lifetime. Hiring a professional shouldn’t be thought of as an additional cost. It should be thought of as an investment.

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